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Player Registration - Women's Soccer Program

Finding a Team

Teams are responsible for building their own rosters. Players looking for teams can check out our Team Postings page under the Resources tab to find the team that best fits their skill level and commitment. Players can use the Player Registry to make a profile for coaches to contact them.

How to Register?

New to CUSA
Returning Player
Choose one of these 3 options
Youth Player
(16 - 17 yrs. of age)

Register at the CUSA Office. This is the only time you must register at the office.

You will need to bring a government ID with your photo and date of birth.

  • Accept your online invite
  • Come to the office
  • Complete and submit to the office your waiver (fax or email)
The first time you register as a member of CUSA you will need to submit a Youth Information Sheet that must be signed by a legal guardian and yourself.
Youth Registration Options

What Does it Cost to Register as a Player?

Teams are responsible for charging their players which is at the discretion of the club or team. Individual fees generally run between $150 to $300 dependent upon the level of competition, number of players on a team, practices and events, fundraising initiatives, and sponsorship.

Team Registration - Women's Soccer Program

Team Registration Dates

Outdoor Team Registration is from January to March, and Indoor Team Registration is from August to September. Teams may register online or in-office.

What Does it Cost to Register a Team?

The cost for a new team in both the Indoor and Outdoor seasons is approximately $4,500. The fees are collected in several payment deadlines. Teams are responsible for paying their own team fees. It is also up to the team to charge their players. CUSA does not accept individual player fee payments.

Team / Season Checklist Season Start Dates and Nights of play
Independent vs Club Teams Important Dates


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