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Players and teams are solely responsible for tracking all cards throughout the season. The player statistics shown on the website for carded players is intended to assist only. All game sheets for a team must be reviewed to determine the total number of cards for any player.

Please note: Only those cards on game sheets received in the CUSA office will be shown. Remember, there can be a delay between when your game is played and when the game sheets are received.

Upon receiving a third yellow card, that player must sit out their next immediate game or receive further discipline. After 6 yellows, a player must sit out 2 games and has a $30.00 fine.

Players and teams may review player statistics by viewing their team's Schedules and Standings OR below is a database of Yellow Cards received during the current season. This includes all Yellow Cards from League Games, Cup Games and Play-Up Games.

Click Here to View the Yellow Card Database


Discipline cases can come from a number of sources:

1) misconduct reports (written by the official for any red carded player).
2) game sheets (i.e. no official identified, team did not arrive for game, no assistant referee supplied).
3) incident reports (usually from the official, i.e. fight after game, game abandonment).

Most discipline actions are handled administratively. Some discipline actions of a more serious nature may go directly to the Discipline Committee for their consideration.

Generally, players have the option of attending a hearing; however, occasionally players or teams are required to attend a hearing before a suspension will be applied. In the case of a game abandonment, both teams are required to attend regardless of the circumstances of the abandonment.

When misconduct reports are received in the CUSA office, the player and team official are advised, and provided with an immediate outcome and the next hearing date as well as a copy of their misconduct report and further instructions. For those who decide to attend a Discipline Hearing, the process of a hearing can be seen here.

It is still the responsibility of players to contact the CUSA office for information after they have received a red card. If you recieve a red card but have not recieved communication from the CUSA office within 5 business days, contact the CUSA Discipline Coordinator at or 403-270-0363.



Ric Blackwell
Discipline and Program Coordinator or 403.648.0860