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Name Program Player Information Contact Information Date Posted
2019 Outdoor Player Postings
Emilio Outdoor

I've played high level soccer through most of my youth. I'm looking to find a competitive team for YYCs outdoor season. Preferred position is center right midfielder but am open to changing it up Feb 25
John Over 50

My name is John looking for a over 50 team to play on I've played premier and 1st div for many years looking to get back into it this coming season Feb 25
Stephan Over 45/Over 50

I played soccer in France at various levels for 30 years. I moved in calgary 6 years ago and I have time now to play again (recreational or other). I can play at any role. Let me know if you need an extra help.

Feb 25
Greer Open/Over 35

40 years old. I have been playing soccer my whole life. I'm in good shape and consider myself a good player. I can and am willing to play any position, except keeper. Please email me. Feb 25
MD Sabab Open

I am moving from Kelowna BC to Calgary next week and I am looking to get into teams to play.

Profile on my soccer career:

Started from Age 13. Played professional 2nd Division from Age 17-20. Moved to Canada when I was 24. Played in mens league in Kamloops and recently played in Div 2 Mens indoor league in Kelowna. Preferred position: RB/LB. Please let me me know if you are interested. Feb 25
Farhad Over 45

I am looking for over 45 team division A or B for upcoming 2019 outdoor season. I have played for two teams in division B and C indoor and outdoor from 2014 - 2019 and i have played soccer all my life . i am coach for U 13 boys for West Hill United club and running NCCP program Feb 25
Dave Open

I'm looking for a team indoor,outdoor, I've played 26 years , 5 years AAA i considère myself a pretty good striker, im passionate and a really good team player , feel free to contact me on my email and it will be a pleasure to join a team Mar 5
Peter Open or Masters

I'm 42 and been out of soccer for 22 years. I have a high knowledge of the game and although my condition isn't irreparable, I am far from the fit striker I was back in the day. I'm looking for either a 35+ lower division rec team or a 35+ indoor 6v6. Early on I will need to be subbed regularly I fear lol but I have a passion for the game and am a sucker for punishment. Hope someone is willing to take a chance on me Mar 5
Marcus Open

Looking to join a team for this upcoming outdoor season. I am 24 years old, played soccer all through out my youth and adulthood at a competitive level.

I am very fast, good with both feet, and have great vision for the game. Preferred position is fullback, doesn't matter the side. Also can play as a winger.


Mar 6
Ramses Open

I am looking for a team indoor or outdoor, mainly to have a great time and fun, I consider my self a good team player, played soccer since a kid in different leagues, any position except goalkeeper. New to Calgary, Feel free to contact me on my email and it will be a pleasure to join a team Mar 7
Kevin Open 33+ year old & played for over 18 years. High work-rate, defensive-minded player & natural on-field leader/organizer that can play anywhere across the back or as a defensive midfielder.

Recently moved from Singapore to Calgary & would love to join a team to keep my fire for soccer going, make friends & add depth to any team. Mar 13

2018-19 Indoor Team Postings

If you would like to post an ad for your team or for yourself as a player, email what your want your ad to say to

Men's Open


2019 Outdoor Team Postings
RNGX Patriots New Team

Experienced team looking to bolster the squad with a few smart, talented players in any position. Team is a good mix (25-35 yrs, guys from L. America, Canada, Europe & Africa) and plays a hard-working, pass-and-move style. Looking to set up a training/tryout session in February for interested parties to see the existing team. Interested players email the provided address for more details.
Hoods FC Div 1

Current indoor Premier Division team that will be Division 1 this outdoor is looking to add player's and a keeper for the upcoming outdoor season 2019.

We are a skilled mostly U24 team that plays with pace with past Provincial and Tournament success that has a goal to compete and move up to equal our indoor Division position. Practices, League play and Tournament opportunities

Mike: or Cell: 430-860-7066


Chinooks Bafana Bafana Div 1

Chinooks are looking for multiple new players to join with us this outdoor season to compete in Division 1. We will take groups of players who want to stay together who can compete at the tier 1 level, individual players, or will consider a partnership with an existing team.

Ashley Gibbs at or 403-836-3980 before March 12, 2019

Claymores FC Various

Claymores FC are looking to recruit for three men's teams for the upcoming outdoor season. Our Club also has a women's team and a couple of coed teams, making for a good social network with a number of ex-pats and Canadians as players. We are looking for players that are willing to work hard, are experienced, skilled and willing to take responsibility for mistakes and not blame others.

Our teams are as follows:

  • CFC Raiders: Open Div 3 and looking gain promotion after a number of 2nd and 3rd place finishes recently;
  • CFC Atletico: New open team looking to build a group of competitive guys who are interested in moving up divisions and maintaining a top spot in each division. Practices, technical sessions, and work out plans will be provided to each player. Tryouts will commence the week of March 10-16 and the team roster will be posted no later than April 16
  • CFC Dynamos: Over 35 team looking to be competitive and move up the divisions with the aim of eventually playing premier.
Kevin (Raiders), Jaimie (Atletico) or Ralph (Dynamos) by email at
United Nova FC Division 1 2 and 3 'Looking for competitive, dedicated, and skilled players for all of our teams in the upcoming 2019 outdoor season. We strive on winning. We have regular weekly training sessions, play in tournaments, and have had Provincial success. Contact us if you are serious about playing and Winning
Centurions FC Division 3 We just concluded our first year indoor in division 3 and finished in top three in the standings. We want to build from this past successful indoor season and take it to the outdoor season. We are looking for players to help us build a competitive team, and challenge for top spots this season. You must have 100% commitment, hardworking, team player, versatile and passion about the game. Please reply to Vince at the following email with your age, position and past soccer experience.
Atletico Cuervos Div 3 We are looking to recruit soccer player for all positions to join us in the 3rd division this season.
Men's Over 35


2019 Outdoor Team Postings
Neighbourhoods O35 Masters 2

We are looking to for 4-5 good players for ALL positions including GK for the upcoming outdoor season. We have practices Mondays at 9pm and would love for you to come out and meet the guys.

Shoot me an email if you're interested

Note: The goal keeper position will pay reduced fees!

Ginos Drillers Masters 3

We're currently looking for full time and part time players to fill our roster. Our team has been playing in Calgary since 1977. We have an excellent group of guys, from all walks of life and nationalities. The season starts early May and runs until the end of September. We also enter a FA style cup that runs over the course of the season. We're a pretty relaxed group but play hard in between whistles. We're looking for all positions.
FC Calgerona Over 35

5 players over 35 for the outdoor season & A Keeper over 35 for Nations Cup March 26 to April 12 .

call or text Mody at 403 667 3657
Cochrane Rangers O35 Masters 3

looking for an experienced committed goal keeper for the 2019 outdoor season. We play in the Masters 3 division. Half of our games are in Cochrane and we train in Cochrane.

Contact Greg Barclay if interested

Pisco SC Masters 1

We are locking for soccer players to be part of the family of Pisco SC for this outdoor season


Airdrie United O35 Masters Premier and Masters 2

Airdrie O35 are looking for new players to join with us this outdoor season.

We have two teams (Masters Prem and Masters 2). Looking to tryout guys in all outfield positions for both squads.

We have a great group of guys with a strong culture. Our players are from Airdrie and all parts of Calgary with the benefit of having set home field games.

Tryouts/practices will begin at the start of April.

Alex, Giulio, Andres and Craig at
Calgary Boom Legends Masters Premier

We're a continuously improving team with a solid core looking to add a forward and a midfield to our roster. We're dedicated, fun to play with and motivated to perform in every game.
Eldorado Kickers O35A Masters Premier We are looking for a few very skilled players to add to the strong existing group for the upcoming outdoor season. Last outdoor season when we were in masters premier our team won provincial gold. Please contact Farshad on his cell at (403)680-9073 or e-mail at with your age, height, weight, position, level of fitness, and your previous experiences locally or elsewhere
FC International Masters 3

We are currently looking for new players and goalie for this upcoming outdoor season

We are played Master 2 and 3 for the past 9 seasons, now our most of players move to over age group

We are looking for players with great commitment the will help expand our team

We have a great group of guys with strong culture.

Note: for goalie we are plan to reduce the fee

we have our first tryout March 24th Sunday

587 777 2328(only text)

Atletico Ogden Masters 1

Atletico Ogden FC. Is looking for committed players to come into our organization. We are looking for skilled, competetitive and dedicted players for a very competitive, Master 1 Division Over 35 team 2019 outdoor season.

Carlos Saavedra at 403-397-3840 or by email at
Men's Over 45


2019 Outdoor Postings
Airdrie United O45 Over 45B and Over 45C

Both Airdrie United Over 45 teams looking for skilled players for all positions including fulltime goalie.

Teams core have been together for a lot of years and enjoy playing competitively as well as socializing after games.

Both teams finished second last outdoor season and should be moving up to B and C

Airdrie O45 Div. B: Ifty Hanif,, 403-909-4181

Airdrie O45 Div. C: Brian Ashley,, 403-935-0110

Wolf Pack Over 45

Wolf Pack Over 45's are looking for 3 committed full time players to play the 2019 Outdoor season. Please contact Daniel Coombs at if you are interested. Our philosophy: Is it's supposed to be for fun; It will help keep you fit; It's a damn fine social thing for the guys; We may win a few (as well as lose a few); Will be inclusive; Goal for any season is to not be bottom of the table; This will be a co-op team; Eat chicken wings and drink beer; Success is a byproduct; We are not building the next Man Utd
Relics O45 The RELICS are looking for experienced players for all positions to upgrade our roster for the coming Outdoor season. We will play in the lowest O45 division against teams of similar ability. Although we like to play competitively, our main goals are to maintain a reasonable level of personal fitness, enjoy the game, and have enough energy left to raise a glass afterwards, win or lose
Hoods United O45 O45C Our team consists of a core group who have played together for over 15 years. We are looking for people who are passionate about soccer, like to get some exercise and have fun. If you think you might be interested, feel free to contact me. Contact Tony at 403.701.4944 or
Villains Alumni O45 O45B

Villains Alumni are looking for skilled-experienced players with a positive attitude in the pitch and commitment to the game. We are a club with a history of more than 30 years in Calgary, passionate about soccer and of course a beer after a game!! Please contact David if you are interested.

David Nunez 403-667 0405