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Referee Evaluation - Extra Fair Play Points

Referee Evaluation Fair Play Points

Due to a technical issue in the system, applying Referee Evaluation fair play points directly into the game information may result in the game details (such as goals and yellow cards for players that have been removed or transferred) being reset and the score of the game changing. This is especially evident for clubs that have a large amount of player movement. Fair Play Points will be added to the final standings at the end of the season. Below, you will see all teams that have submmitted a referee evaluation, the date of the submission, and the date of the game.


BonziTeam Notifications

Coaches and players can receive emails and/or text messages when games have been rescheduled. For the steps to get these notifications, please CLICK HERE.

Reschedule Requests

Teams that wish to reschedule games MUST ask their opponents first. If they agree, find some dates that work for both teams to play on and let the league know. If they do not agree, the league will not reschedule the game.

There may be additional charges to reschedule. Please go to the Resources tab for more information.

Coach Score Entry

Any listed coach can use Coach Score Entry to input scores and stats after a game:

1. Click Coach Score Entry

2. Enter your email and the 6-digit code as the password

3. Click the team and the game to enter scores and stats

Once a score has been inputted, only administration can make changes.