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These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams.

Please note: for this season you may register for only one program to comply with COVID-19 cohort rules. (This information will be updated when AHS provides applicable parameters. Mar10/21)

If you are interested in adding a post for your team/club, please email what you want to be displayed on this page to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

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Outdoor 2021 Team Postings

 PARTIAL TEAMS: this portion intended for those groups who have a few teammates and are looking to combine with another group in a similar circumstance.

This does not interfere with any club or team positions from previous seasons. 

Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date





Men's Open



Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Brothers United  Div 1  

All positions. Dedicated players only. Seeking goalie too.

 Tony rohan240@gmail.com  Mar 15
Callies FC Prem/D1

Callies FC have teams in the top divisions for the upcoming Outdoor 2021 season.  We will be training throughout the summer and we have full time coaches dedicated to each team.  We are always looking for talented, hard working and high quality players for any position.  If you are interested in joining the club please send an email with the following information.  Age, preferred playing position and contact info.  

calliesfc1904@gmail.com  Mar 15


Men's O35


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date




Men's O45


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date






Outdoor 2021 - Players looking for a Team


Please note: for this season you may register for only one program to comply with COVID-19 cohort rules. (This will be updated when we learn specifics from AHS Mar.10/21)

To post an ad on this page, email stats@cusa.ab.ca with your contact information, preferred position of play, and any details relevant to your search.

Name Division Player Information Contact Info Date



Looking for an O35 team that practices in the NW or SW.

gregory.berdette@gmail.com   Mar/10
 Diego    Midfiled player diegosaba77@hotmail.com   Mar 15
Cameron  2 or 3

I am 22 years old and a pretty experienced soccer player, looking to play in something competitive (probably ranging from division 2 to 3). I can play in the midfield and also out wide. Hoping for something in the NW. I have played men's league opens in previous summers, most recently on a division three team in the lower mainland of British Columbia. 

hickscam98@gmail.com  Mar 15
 Ming  O35 My name is Ming Shen and 36 years old. I am looking for a over 35 or recreational team that play in SW area. Any position except goalkeeper.   shenm2020@gmail.com  Mar 15
 Ali  3 or 4  

i I am 20 years old, 5’11 and play the goalkeeper position. I’m looking to play in a div 3 or 4 team for the upcoming outdoor season. I have good defence organization skills and can play the sweeper keeper role pretty good as well. 

ahamza9348@gmail.com or text me at my phone number 403-700-2759.  Mar 23
 Ahmed    Hi, I am 20 years old, two months ago I came to calgary, I am from Paraguay, I would like to try some club here to play soccer, since I get to play in my country and in Brazil professionally.   ahmedassafromero@outlook.com  May 24

I’ve just come to Calgary from India and am looking for a team to play for in the recreational soccer league 6v6 

 I play as a midfielder (usually right wing). I’m 29, Just wanna play to get some exercise weekly and make some friends in the city.



587 777 9737

 Mar 31
 Curtis 1,2, or 3 I am 20 years old and played minor soccer all through my life with CMSA (usually tier 2, but on the top team in my club) and played high school as well. Most experienced at striker and outside mid, but I have played centre mid as well. Am looking to join a relatively younger team that is in a competitive division.”  costertag18@gmail.com  Apr 1
 Dennis Prem/D1  

I am moving to Calgary and looking for a good group of lads to join for the upcoming season.

Preferred Playing Position: Central Midfield (defensive or holding), also comfortable in the back 

Additional Info: I was born and raised in Edmonton. I have primarily played in the Premier men’s division and Division 1. Men’s teams I was on included E&C United, Sherwood Park Karpaty and Southwest United. I have gone to provincials with each time at different times in Edmonton/Calgary. The past 3-4 years I have been in Banff. In the summers there is a Bow Valley soccer league with about 5 teams and I would say it is Div 1/2 level. Then we make a travel team within Banff for tournaments throughout the summer and that would be more a competitive premier team. I also played a couple years in University at NAIT in Edmonton. 

I am 28 years old and primarily interested in Div 1 teams, but could commit to Premier as well.

(780) 221-0413


 April 6
Jim O45

Have played competitively in my youth and recreationally in my adult years.  Can play any position (except GK). 52 years old and still have good wheels."



April 6

Looking for a Men's Open team in the Northeast. Just coming back from ACL surgery, so looking to have some fun and get back in shape.Can play mid or striker.




 April 8

Hello. I'm 17 male looking for a team to play on. Tier 2 or 3.  I play mostly striker and fine with playing midfield.

laurastar44@hotmail.com   April 12
 Ben  O35  

Hi I’m arriving from UK at end of June and looking for a team (over 35’s) for exercise and making friends, preferably full of fellow brits that love banter and a laugh and play recreationally (and enjoy a few beers) . I can play full back or attacking midfield. Ideally situated in SW or just south of downtown.

 ben19799@yahoo.co.uk   April 12
 Felipe  D3 or 4


Player information: I'm an experienced player looking to join a team in Div 3 or 4 this summer. I can play mid/forward. Prior to moving to Calgary, I played in Div 2, 3, and 4 in Edmonton. In 2019 with the help of a friend, I created the Prairie Dogs FC and we finished 2nd in the 4th division at Edmonton. I'm an easy-going person who enjoys spending time with the team during and after the matches.

 felipe.geostats@gmail.com   587-991-9993  April 14

International student, will be arriving in Calgary in May. Looking for a competitive environment to play in. I am comfortable playing in any position in midfield: a number 10 role, box to box or holding. I can also play as a right back or out wide on the left.

kcmridul8@gmail.com    April 15

Alain joel Oteh Born 1989, I live in Calgary NE

Play soccer very well and have lots of recreational competition experience from back home (Cameroon). Positions. midfielder. All defensive spot I play good. Divisions:  1,2,3,4,5 I’m all in for any that takes me for competition.

I’m a very hard working dedicated player, ready to play top level soccer with respect and great sportsmanship.



 April 20
 Jason and Tyler.  3/4/5 Two brothers looking for a team together:   my name is Jason I am 21 and I have played tier 1 throughout my youth soccer career. I can play anywhere in central midfield as well as anywhere in attack. My brother's name is Tyler, he is 29 and has played tier 1 throughout his youth career as well as university soccer. He wants to play central midfield either attacking midfield or defensive midfield.   




 April 26

 Position: CM

Additional information: recently moved to the Calgary area from the U.K. Back home I play semi-pro for a team called Daventry town. I want to continue playing while I’m here in Canada, please email me with any details, willing to attend a training session or trial.


 April 26

 Daniel  O35  I'm looking to get back into footy. Can play any position. danielgounder@hotmail.com>   April 26




I have not been in Canada for a long time but I have experiences from back home in Nigeria where I played soccer most of my life.

I am a multipurpose player. I am able to play different positions on the field starting from the defense position to striking position.

I have played in some competitions back home but not much here in Canada except some inter school matches in the university of regina and  was invited to play during a competition match at saskatoon by a club that a friend played for. 

njokukosifrancis@gmail.com   April 27th
Jaspal  O35  

I am originally from London, U.K, have been in Calgary for 1.5 years now and looking to meet people and get back to playing soccer on a regular basis, ideally in the N.W

jaspalsundal@googlemail.com   May3
















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