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To post an ad on this page, email stats@cusa.ab.ca with your contact information, preferred position of play, and any details relevant to your search.

Information will be kept current for 2 months. and cleared out at the end of a month. Feel free to connect with us again if you are still looking for a team. 


Name Division Player Information Contact Info Date
Shodai 1 or higher

My name is Shodai, 21 years old from Japan. I came here last September. In terms of my soccer experience, I have been playing soccer for 10 years as a centre back/defender. It is my first time to play at CUSA, so I'm finding a good team. I prefer competitive, pass soccer. It means I'm looking to a team in Div 1 or higher level. If you are interested, can I take some tryouts? (I do not have a car though). 

Important: I have to get back to Japan end of July also I am a student, so I care about price to join. I believe you understand my situation. I really want to play soccer! Thank you!

Shodai - 368-886-0697 or soccer.shodai0929@gmail.com Apr 14
Geoff Miller 4 or 5

35 years old. Played most of my childhood and teenage years, and looking to get back into the game. I mainly play CM, but can play any midfield position including CDM and can play CB from time to time. I'm somewhat new to Calgary and looking to join a good group of people to have fun and hopefully win a little with this summer. 

Geoff - 403-613-1193 Apr 14
Gabriel Dumoulin Any - competitive preferred

Hey guys! Gabriel Dumoulin here looking for a team to play this coming season! 26 years old, business owner, father of 2. Grew up in Montreal and have always played soccer competitively. I went to a soccer school and am confident playing any midfield or striker positions. Leadership, positive, skilled team player and shooter. Would love to join your team - message me when you see this - looking forward to play with you.

Gabriel - 403-593-2846 or gabriel.dumoulin.morphis@gmail.com Apr 13
German Div 4 or 5

My name is German, I am 32 years old. I have played in multiple teams in div 4. My specialty is to play midfield or winger, but can play virtually any position (except goalie). I like to play a passing game and prefer assists over goals. I like teamwork and I am looking for a team to play and be friends with. 

German - 403-860-3128 Apr 12
Matt 2 or higher

Hello! My name is Matt and I am looking for a team to play with over the summer. I can play striker, CAM or CDM. I have played soccer all my life and at a div 1 & 2 level and am currently playing in the ACAC during the school season. Looking to get on a team where I can grow in my game time decisions and playmaking to subsidize my individual summer training. Hoping to get a team somewhere around div 1 or 2, but willing to go wherever I can get good minutes on a positive team!

Matt - 403-437-2147 or matt.eh.smith02@gmail.com Apr 12
Matt and Tom 4 or 5


Matt Mckay - 34 - CM or CAM

Tom Peploe - 28 - CM or CB

Both fantastic players with a good workrate who have played their whole lives. We prefer div 4 or 5. 

Matt - 780-200-6120 or mckaym2@gmail.com Apr 9
Julian Z Any

Hi, my name is Julian, I am 26 years old and I am from Mexico. I love watching and playing soccer, I used to play all my life and I went to the university. I am looking for an outdoor team. I used to play as RB, RWB, and CDM and rarely as a keeper. 

Call/text at 587-969-9473 or email at julianzdelat@gmail.com Apr 9
Kyle G Any - competitive

My name is Kyle Grabke and I am looking to join a team for the upcoming outdoor season! I'm new to Calgary as I am just making the move from Ontario. I'm hoping to join a competitive team and get on the field multiple times a week! I've played soccer all my life, including years of rep soccer and OPDL throughout high school. I am primarily a midfield or a winger. Please let me know if you're still looking for players and if my experience aligns with the individuals you're looking to add!

kylesven14@gmail.com Apr 6
Lucas B Any

Hello my name is Lucas Bruno, I am 27 years old and I am looking for a team to play on in the upcoming outdoor season. I am up to date on my fitness and I can play any position besides goalkeeper. If you have any openings let me know. My email is lucasbruno1996@hotmail.com

lucasbruno1996@hotmail.com Apr 6
Tyson G Div 5

My name is Tyson, I am 33 years old looking for a team in Div 5. I mainly play as an attacking midfielder or striker. Mainly looking for a team to have fun with a good group. 

403-998-2233 or tyson.glenn11@gmail.com Apr 6
Luke M Div 5

Hi, I'm Luke and I am looking to join a division 5 team for the summer season. I played youth soccer for many years though haven't played now for 4 years so I am looking forward to get playing again. I'm comfortable playing any position besides keeper. Send me an email if you have an opening, thanks!

Luke at lukem1425@outlook.com Apr 3
Enes Gunerli Premier, Div 1, Div 2

My name is Enes Gunerli. I am 21 years old. Currently, I am fit and up-to-date with my fitness. I play as a left wing or right wing. I have been playing since I was a child. I have played in various academies since I was little. Right now, I am looking forward to the outdoor season, competitive divisions. Premier, Div 1, Div 2, and up.

403-888-7139 Apr 3
Colin, Zubair, and Greg Div 4/5 - 7v7

Hi teams, we are a group of 3 gents looking for a Mens Outdoor 7v7 team to join. Preferably Div 5 or Div 4. We will also consider other formats. 

Greg Berry - excellent player, experienced, plays mid and forward, and is a VERY capable keeper.

Zubair Hussain - excellent player, experienced, plays all positions but excels in mid and forward.

Colin Williams - good player, hard working, grinder, good passer, good all around I guess. 

NO INJURIES! and We all have CUSA cards and are fully ready to go!

Collin at 403-651-8090


Greg at greg@teamhripko.ca

Apr 1
Bryan Pain O45 any division

Looking for over 45 team any division. Played all my life. Can play any and all positions. Have played for several teams in Calgary for past 24 years. Looking to get back into it after being away from soccer for the last few years. Excited to play with a good group of guys who know how to have fun and enjoy the game.

Bryan at painbryan@yahoo.ca OR 403-540-3062 Apr 1
Joseph Fadugba Competitive

I am Joseph Fadugba, I am 16, LW/CAM/ST. I have a good dribbling pace, finishing, and passing. I am looking for a team so I can train and prepare for a trial for an academy (Perugia ISM - June 30). Looking for a team that is competitive. 

josefadugba@gmail.com Mar27
Anthony Competitive

I'd love to find a team to play some outdoor summer soccer for this year. I'd be interested in 11 a side or 7 a side! I'm from England and played English school football until I was 18 then played in domestic leagues over there. Recently moved to Canada. Position: Right or left attacking midfield or wing back. I can also play up front. 34 years old. Ideally like to be in a competitive league.

6047808439. ant_graham@live.co.uk Mar 25

I’m Daniel, 34 from Scotland. Recently moved to Calgary and looking for a team to join. Former semi professional player that can play anywhere in midfield.

 danieljhunter89@gmail.com  Mar 25

Hi my name is Mias, I’m 33 year old family doctor from South Africa. I used to play five a side competitive football back home in Cape Town. I am looking for a team to join for the summer season. I can play most positions but am probably best as a central defender/CDM.  Ii look forward to hearing from you. 



Mar 25
Shodai and friend  

Hello! I'm Shodai from Japan. 21 years old. I’d like to play soccer with you and my position is defender. I have used to play center back for 10 years. Also I have one friend who plays midfielder. He has been playing soccer for 13 years.
If you don’t mind, please reply to us.
We are international students.

soccer.shodai0929@gmail.com  Mar 20
 Daniel  Competitive

Hi, my name is Daniel, I am 30 years old. I was playing semi-pro in my youth, but had to drop professional football due to knee injury. So since then, played only amateur once a week or two. I am looking for same level team, but okay with any. My position is attacking right-back, but also can play midfield. 

I have never played CUSA as I am a newcomer to Canada. 

Please feel free to contact me with any opportunity. 

 5879697428 or drive23shaft@gmail.com Mar 19
Rahul Premier or D1

Player information: My name is Rahul. As I am looking to play at the college or university level for next year, I am looking to join a premier or division 1 level team that practices on a regular basis. I played at the CUSA div 1 level this past indoor, and I am just looking for a high level team that has practices most weeks. I usually play as a fullback but I am also comfortable playing on the wing as well. Please feel free to text or email me about any potential opportunity. Thanks

: 4038756253


Mar 18
Dan O45

My name is Dan, and I am looking to play in team Over 45.

I played in the past in CUSA, the most recent was Storm O35.

My position is: left mid or left defender.

Contact me for tryouts.


 (403) 470 6854


Mar 18

My name is Selmar, I am 28 years old and am looking for a semi competitive team to play for. I've played my whole life from house league to travel teams in my teens. I can play any position except goalkeeper. Been playing indoor/outdoor men's league since highschool every year and since moving to Alberta I'm looking for a new team who want to win but also just enjoy getting out and having a few cold ones after the game. 


 519 994 1008 Mar 18
 Aziz  2.3.or 44

My name is Aziz and Im 20 years old looking for a team to play for. I started playing competitive football when I was 9 years old in the middle east. When I came to alberta I was busy with university which is why I have not had the chance to play for a team or a club in the city. Please do reach out if you have a team or do know of any tryouts . 

Preferred Position: Wing and Midfield

 (905)-598-1457 , ajmanidj@gmail.com  Mar 18

Hi! My name is Gurwinder (Gary) I’m 27 I recently moved to calgary from toronto and I’m looking to play in a team. I prefer playing as RB OR CB but can play at any position according to team needs.I am highly dedicated and passionate for soccer and can go upto great extent for success of my team.There will be never a lack of effort from me and i give 100 percent whenever am paying on the pitch.


Mar 18
 Lewis  4 0r 5

I am looking to join or tryout for a team. My preferred positions are centre back, left back, or CDM. Looking to join one of the competitive leagues. Preferably lower down (Div 4-5) to get my legs back before trying to get into a higher league.

I have been out of the game for a few years. Played some coed games for a few years. Played tier one here in Calgary my whole life and also played in the ASA Alberta team nationals. I was also part of the NTC program as well. Also had a trial at Bolton Wonderers and Vancouver Whitecaps youth teams. Spent 2 years playing NCAA Div 2 soccer down in Alabama.  My preferred positions are centre back, left back, or CDM. Looking to have fun but also more than determined to win games.



Mar 18
Ken   7v7


I am currently looking for a team to join in Men’s 7v7.

I have been playing soccer and futsal since childhood. Currently, I am already a part of an 11-a-side team.

I can play any position except goalkeeper.

I am dedicated to contributing to the team and will do my best. I would be glad if you are interested, even just a little


(902) 440-5549

 Mike Competitive

Hi, my name is Mike. I am aiming to join a team as a gk for the coming season. I am 34 years old and have previously played for Grant MacEwan and U of A Bears men's programs while in school, I have played AMSL as well for several years. More recently I have played premier level in Calgary and Edmonton. Ideally looking to join a competitive team needing a goalkeeper. 

 780-667-5234   Mar 14
 Jaimie 2,3,4

Hi, I'm Jamie & 29 years old. I'm looking for a team to play. I've played soccer my whole life (3 years in a competitive league). I usually play Left Back/ Centre Back but I am willing to play any position. Looking forward to meeting new players and having fun together.


 825 437 0954  Mar 13
 Ayman  1

Im 18 years old and im looking for a team to enjoyed playing as a professional player i just get approved to international transfer player from morocco. positons CAM/CDM

 587-966-9416  Mar 13
Reuben 2 or 3

Age: 24

Positions: winger, cm, cdm or LB

 604-799-4626  Mar 11

Im 22 years old and im looking for a team to play on. I would like to find a team that is looking for a goalkeeper or a Forward(Winger or Striker) I have a passion for soccer and would like to play competitively. If anyone is interested please shoot me a text or an email




 Mar 11

Hi my name is Jorge I’m 38 years old, from South America, mid fielder or stricken positions looking for a team to join. Fun & competitive.


587 719 2301

 Mar 11


D2 or 3

Hi, I am 22 years old and am looking to join a competitive Div 2-3 outdoor team. I have played competitive soccer throughout Alberta for most of my life. Recently, I have just been playing rec as I am attending uni. I typically play center back but can also play mid. 





 Mar 1`1
 Tim O35  

Hi, I am a 36 yeas old, been in Calgary for 10 years, looking to join a team again. I played co-ed a few years ago but stopped due to a knee injury. Would like to play full field in a mens league and I  play any position at defense including sweeper or stopper. Open to playing outside mid as well.


Looking forward to joining a great team that has a balance of fun and competitiveness!



 Mar 6
Abbas  Competitive

Hi my name is abbas i am 19 year old Center middle who would love to have an opportunity to tryout for your a team I really appreciate if I could play in some high level competition



 Mar 4
Tim O35

40 year old looking join an O35 men’s league. New to the Calgary area. Prefer striker but can manage in midfield if needed. Been playing my whole life until recently (only 1 of the last 4 seasons) and looking to get back into the routine. Would prefer a league that’s slightly more competitive than casual

timfrankiw@hotmail.ca Mar 4
Michele  O35

My name is Michele and I am reaching out as I would like to start playing soccer again.

I played for many years in Italy but I stopped 3 years ago.


I was at my son’s hockey game and watching him playing made me realized how much I miss being part of a team, compete and just playing soccer overall.

I am not very young anymore, I am 37, and I am sure I am a little rusty, but I am looking for a team to play and train with.

 Michele.Fiorese@mapleleaf.com  Mar 4
Kodai Nations Cup import

I’m 24 year-old Japanese.
Now I’m looking for a team to join for international cup.

I’ve been playing soccer and futsal for 15 years and can play at any position except goalie.
I used to play futsal at competitive level and won provincial in Japan .
If you’re still looking for someone, feel free to reach out to me, id love to show my skills!

403-991-1959 Mar 5
 Dan Competitive

Hi! My name is Daniel I’m 28 I recently moved to calgary from Winnipeg and I’m looking to play in a team. I’m a versatile player, can play any position upfront either as a left or right wing or a striker, can also play as centre back. I’ve been playing competitive in and out.  

dannyola9@gmail.com  2/29/2024
 Ramin  O45 O55

I am looking for playing Outdoor O45 or O55. I have played football my entire life, as well as refereeing (25 years in Calgary). Our long time team dispersed after covid, and looking for a new team. I play right defence, defensive or attacking center midfielder, or striker.



403) 467-7402

 Feb 29
 Lee  D3 or $

My name is Lee. I’m 28 years old and am hoping to find a team in the Div 3-4 range. I’ll always play to win but I am more focused on having fun and getting a good run in. Recently, I’ve been playing centre mid, but I can also play fullback/wingback. 

 leegye@hotmail.com  Feb 27
 Patrick  Competitive

Hi! My name is Patrick Pozzatti, I’m 24 and from Brazil, I’ve moved to Calgary recently and I’m looking to play in a competitive team, I’m willing to do any tryouts. My position in soccer is winger, but I can play as right back and even as CDM. I’ve been playing competitive since 13 years olds in Brazil academies and college in Canada.


Instagram: patrick.pozzatti

 Feb 27
Bobby O35

My name is Bobby Roy and I'm a 37 year old male.  I'm looking to play in the outdoor season in a relatively competitive league (nothing high tier though that would require a lot of commitment).

  I've played soccer for 30 years of my life and usually as a defender but can play midfield Just moved to Calgary from Edmonton so looking to find a new team to stick with!

robertcroy9@gmail.com  Feb 26

My name is arsh boparai I am looking for a competitive team age 27 previously a varsity player for unbc


Feb 26
 Michael  O45

Hello my name is Michael, I'm 59 and have been playing for 25+ years right up until we moved. We moved to Calgary from BC just before pandemic hit.Im now looking for a new team to play for. I can play midfield or backline. I live in the south east. I Prefer playing outdoors but will play indoors.


Feb 20
Issahaku  Competitive

I'm 33, recently moved to Calgary from Ghana. I've played competitive soccer my whole life, adult league soccer, university level and in my junior years prior to that. I'm a attacker/striker, good ball handling, speed, team player, good attitude. Soccer is my passion. Can't wait to play with people out here. I'm looking to join a men's competitive team to have fun, make friends and stay healthy. 


587 587 0959

 Feb 20

Hi, I’m Rayyan, 17 years old full of commitment and passion. Been playing for 7 years for D1 Academies and Clubs FOR MY CV/RESUME AND HIGHLIGHT VIDEO EMAIL ME @rayyanfaisal888@gmail.com


+1 403-613-4246

FEb 20
Reza   Competitive

I recently immigrated to Calgary and I have previous experience playing in the Iranian league. I am 188 cm tall and weigh 83 kilograms. I would be very happy to be able to try out for a good team and return to competitions again.

 rezahz6423@gmail.com   Feb 25

Hi, I'm Anas, 25 years old, from Morocco, my passion is soccer, i'm looking for a team to join, i can play in various positions, my preferred is CAM (centre attacking midfielder) or RB (Right back).

excited about connecting with players who share the same passion.

e.amrianass@gmail.com  Feb 13

My name is JAWAD IBRAHIMKHIL and I am 25 years old. I am a newcomer to Canada and I want to join  soccer. 

In my country, I used to play in the center of the football field and I like to play in the center or the attack line, and I like to have a team game and sacrifice for my team in the competitions, thanks.

jawadibrahimkhil342@gmail.com   FEb 13
Jake William  

Hi I’m Jake William, 31 years old from England and play mostly attacking/centre mid but can play comfortably anywhere on the pitch. Been playing my whole life, I just moved to Calgary from BC and I’m looking to join a team and play regularly.


778 694 6935


 Feb 13
Brandon Competitive

My name is Brandon, I'm English & 31 years old. I've played soccer my whole life, I have played in various positions but my strongest positions are now central midfield or centre-back. I'm looking for a men's competitive league or a coed team. I'm very reliable and a versatile player so I'm useful within any team. 



 Feb 8
John and Scott O35

My friend John and I (Scott) are looking for a men’s or coed over 35 team to join, we would like to find one that plays but indoor and outdoor. But are happy with one or the other.

John plays outfield (happy with forward or defence) and Scott plays goalkeeper. We have both played a lot in our youth, recently started playing again, and want to get into it more.


or John  calgaryowl@hotmail.com

 Feb 5th

Hello, I'm a 28-year-old hero from Korea. My gender is male, I've been playing soccer for 10 years as a hobby, and my position is left, right wingback. I'm here to work in Canada, and I hope we can get to know each other by working out together.



Feb 5

Hi, my name is Adam, I've recently moved to Calgary from Dublin and I've played football my entire life. I'm 28 and played at a high level in my teens. I've been playing men's football for the last 4 years and I want to continue playing here. 

I typically play as a holding midfielder but have played other positions in the past. 

hoping to get back training soon so if any teams are interested give me a message. 

 236 971 3943


 Feb 5
Chris and Saj O45



My name is Anurag and I just moved to Calgary and am looking for a team to join this new year. I have played competitive soccer for the majority of my life and am looking to get back into it and meet some new people. 

I am a 27 year old male who played competitively during my school and university days. I mostly played midfield when I was younger but am willing to play any position and have experience in all of them.  Looking forward to meeting new players who share the same passion and love for Soccer as i do


+1 (368) 887-5499

 Jan 25


Gerald Competitive

My name is Gerald Odupong Wellington and am from Ghana, and I am writing to introduce myself as a passionate and dedicated football player eager to join any good competitive or league team


Having played for reputable clubs such as Hearts of Oak and Ashanti Gold earlier in my career, I bring a wealth of experience, technical proficiency, and a commitment to excellence to the pitch. Following a brief hiatus from professional football,


The prospect of being part of a team at Calgary Soccer Centre resonates with me, and I am excited about the possibility of bringing my skills to your esteemed organization. I am well aware of the importance of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in achieving success on the soccer field, and I believe my attributes align seamlessly with your team's values.


I am reaching out to express my sincere interest in joining  and would be delighted to discuss this opportunity further. I am open to a trial or meeting at your convenience to showcase how my experience and dedication can contribute to the success of your team.NB YOU CAN SEARCH ME UP ON YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE



 Jan 24
John Competitive

My name is John Salazar, I arrived in Calgary two months ago. I am 33 years old, my position is wing left or right. I have always played at an amateur level in Colombia

Johnsalazar_19@hotmail.com Jan 23
Omar Competitive or Rec

Hello, my name is Omar and I am looking to join a competitive or a recreational team in any division. I was raised in Calgary but then I traveled to finish my education. I am 28 years old. I am hoping to join soon I know i am late for looking for teams but i'm really dying to get on the field again. I play in a forward position but i can play midfield as well. Soccer has been my passion since I was a kid I have played with my highschool team and i have been playing casually since then. I want to meet new people and enjoy playing but i also want to win. Please feel free to ask me any questions i hope to hear from you soon.

 8254883620 Jan 15 

I’m 20 and I’m Looking to get back to my favourite childhood sport, I’m not the greatest but definitely got heart for the sport. I want to play with a group of guys who train often & want to have fun but most importantly want to win. No particular position but defends or wing. Would love to hear from all 

abletrafe@gmail.com   Jan 15
Harbir Competitive 6v6

Hello, my name is Harbir and I am looking for a competitive team to join. I was born and raised in Calgary and have been playing club soccer since the age of 7. I turned 19 in December 2023, which is why I can't play in the CMSA anymore and I'm hoping to transition into a CUSA team. I last played club soccer in Spring 2023, where I was on a U19 Tier/Division 2 team.  The position I play primarily now is Striker. I have also played CB (centre-back), LB (left-back), RB (right-back), CDM (central-defensive-midfielder), and RW (right-forward/winger) but prefer Striker or Centre Forward.

 I also have some achievements in soccer/football. My team won gold in CMSA/EMSA Intercities Indoor 2015, won bronze medal in U12 Tier 3 indoor Alberta Provincials, won silver medal in U12 Tier 2 outdoor Alberta Provincials, won bronze in U15 Indoor CMSA season, won silver in U15 Outdoor CMSA season, and also won bronze medal in the 2018 Family Day tournament. Other than soccer, I've participated in many other sports such as badminton, volleyball, track and field, cricket, and have played one season of Division 1 basketball.  

 I'm looking forward to joining a competitive team which plays Men's boardless. I'm a confident, committed, and outgoing person. I'm very passionate about the game and a teamplayer. I am in fit shape as I regularly hit the gym and workout. I hope to play pro someday.

 harvirloodu1@gmail.com  Jan 9

My name is Morgan and I just moved to Calgary and am looking for a team to join this new year. I have played competitive soccer for the majority of my life and am looking to get back into it and meet some new people. 

I am a 24 year old male who played competitively until I was 16 and had to stop for other sports. I mostly played midfield when I was younger but am willing to play any position and have experience in all of them.


 morgannichols77@gmail.com   Jan 9

My name is Shazil, i am 18 and i just came to Calgary, i want to play soccer/football, i used to play for my school team and also a professional academy back home and i want to continue doing that. I can play anywhere in defence or midfield.



 Jan 8





REFER TO SEASON RULES UNDER DOCUMENTS AND FORMS ON OUR WEBSITE. There is no longer an option to guest play between programs.

You may register in multiple programs, and follow the appropriate play-up rules. 

NAME REGISTERED DIVISION  Details                                                                                             Contact Info Date



- Experienced Goalkeeper available for callup from O35. Always will show up if I say I will be there. Can also play out on D.

ntambellini13@gmail.com, 403-863-2115 Nov 27
Paulo   M1 - 6v6

Very experienced and reliable goalkeeper. I've been playing in Masters Elite/Premier in Calgary for 10 years. Have played football since I was a kid with experience in U16 (Criciuma Esporte Clube) and U18 (Ararangua Esporte Clube) in professional small Brazilian clubs.

If interested, please, reach out at phsousa@yahoo.com.  (Paulo Sousa)"

phsousa@yahoo.com  Nov 14 
Phil  O45B - 6v6

Phil Pask is available - if you need an extra player to help out when you are short of players for an unboarded O45 indoor game, I can help. Short notice is okay, so don’t hesitate to call me. Long time CUSA player, originally in the Premier division, can play anywhere but you don’t want me in goal!

For unboarded O45 games I can only play in the O45A level, as I am a current player in the O45B unboarded. Call or text me on (403) 808-8071, or email me on: bornbrit888@gmail.com

Final note: I am 100% reliable - if I say I will be at your game then I will be the there!




(403) 808-8071 

 Nov 10



These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. The requirements to be part of a team are between you and your team manager.

Please note we will not support specific selection criteria in these postings. 

If you are interested in adding a post for your team/club, please email what you want to be displayed on this page to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

Men's Open



Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Calgary Centaurs FC 2

Calgary Centaurs FC in the competitive division 2 is looking for high quality players in all positions to join the team for the upcoming summer 2024 outdoor season. Tryouts will be taking place on Sunday the 21st of April at 4:30 pm and on Wednesday the 24th of April at 5:45 pm. Please reach out to Ibee with your details and to obtain the pitch locations.

Ibee - 306-612-0708 Apr 16
VG Legion and VG Cardel 3A and 4A

Recruiting players for the outdoor season for VG Legion (2 players needed) and VG Cardel (8-10 players needed). We are mostly ex prem and have been trying to climb the table back. We have won back to back seasons and are looking to expand both our first and second team. Won div 4 outdoor and div 3 indoor. We want players of all positions, but most importantly one's that are down to hangout and be a part of our vanguard events like parties, sports and trips. 

Sandip - 5877073612 Apr 13
Croatia Torcida 3

Looking to add talented and committed guys who want to compete. We will have practices frequently. There will be plenty of opportunity to be called up to the other teams. Reach out if you want to try out.

Josip at jcondic@hotmail.com Apr 12
Croatia Fire 4

Calgary Croatia is looking to add young skilled, competitive, and committed team players. We have 2 teams in high divisions and are looking to move up the divisions quickly. We will have practices frequently. As one of the older clubs in the city, we have 2 other teams in high divisions and want to develop players to play on our Premier division team. There will be plenty of opportunity to be called up to the other teams. Reach out if you want to try out.

Josip at jcondic@hotmail.com Apr 12
Calgary Inter FC 1

High level quality soccer. Is looking for goalies, centre backs and defenders. Please give Mohammad a call

Mohammad at 403-519-9839 or email  Coach mohamed.omar2007@hotmail.com Apr 12
CFC Raiders 3

CFC Raiders - Men's Open Div 3

We are looking for players in all positions. Normally we are a Div2/3 team. Our focus is on winning but also enjoying each other's company and always grabbing a beer post-game. Our group is made up of Canadians, Irish, English, and Scottish ex-pats. Age range is mid-20's to mid-30's. If you are interested in playing this summer, please contact Kevin.

Kevin at kevin.j.moloney@gmail.com or 587-583-2222 Apr 11
Calgary Centaurs FC 2

Special Request - LOOKING FOR A COACH!

Calgary Centaurs FC in the competitive division 2 is looking for a coach with very good knowledge of the game and who will be committed to working with players and the team with the aim of taking the team to the higher competitive divisions. The team is searching for someone who can stamp their authority and impose their ideologies on the team. 

Please text Wole Akinosi at 306-850-6768 Apr 9
Santos FC 3

Santos FC from Div 3 is looking for 5 experienced players at any positions, for this coming outdoor season 2024. The team fees are 250 each per player. Kindly reach out to team manager Yenner for more information

Yenner Teah - 587-897-7271 Apr 8
Avalanche FC1 3

Avalanche FC1 Div 3 outdoor: we are looking for a committed goalkeeper and 2-3 field players, preferably attacking players that have experience in competitive leagues. We are a small club where sportsmanship, teamwork, and possession-attacking soccer are our essence. Please text us or email us.

Text 403-399-4920 or 403-771-0632 or email avalancheFC1@gmail.com Apr 8
Calgary Inter FC 1

Calgary Inter FC is having tryouts/practices for high-level Div 1 soccer this summer in the coming Cusa leagues. 

The team has quality talent been a club since 2015

Looking for all players. Goalies, forwards and defenders. 

Coach Dwayne & Coach Mohammad 

Great opportunity!  Season fees are 275$ a season, practices are 1 or 2 times a week. 

 Call or text 4039035372 or 4035199839 or if i don't respond email me at dwayne_bee@hotmail.com  Apr 5
Brothers United Premier

Brothers United is looking for players for the 2024 Outdoor season in the Premier Division. Looking for a dedicated Goalkeeper and all other positions. Contact Tony for tryout information.

Tony at brothersunitedsoccer@gmail.com



Apr 1
Neighbourhoods United 4

Neigbourhoods United is looking for 7 experienced players and an experienced Goal keeper to join our team for the coming outdoor season. 

If you are interested please reach out to Addy to be invited to our next practice session.

 Addy at hoodsfootball@gmail.com  Mar 25
PASS FC United 2

Join our squad for the upcoming outdoor season! We’re on the lookout for dedicated players, particularly in the midfield and defensive positions. Our team boasts a strong core that’s achieved success at a competitive level over multiple seasons. We’ll be organizing some sessions in the coming weeks to prepare for the season.


Text Adam at 403-990-5890 or email at: azimm4thewin@icloud.com


Mar 25 
RNGX Patriots Div 4

RNGX Patriots are after committed & reliable players to add to our roster.

We tend to look for players who are hard-working, fit, and most-importantly have a good brain for the game and play for the team.


We're a mixed group of guys from all over the world, with ages ranging from 22-35.

We encourage the social side and do social/team events throughout the season.


Our team plays division 4.


Let me know if you're interested or want to know a bit more




Text: 403 4674993

 Mar 20
Aces FC Div 3

looking for a goalie for Aces FC Div3. All very young ranging from 18-24. Hopefully the goalie could cover for the prem team too if needed



Mar 19
MSB United 3/4

We are in need of full-time keeper for upcoming outdoor season & ongoing. Fee negligible; team has a good group of mid 20s skill players.

Text @ 4033713393 Mar 18
WaveDashers 5

Join the WaveDashers Division 5 Redemption Arc Team for an exciting outdoor summer season! We're on the lookout for competitive and committed players to fill key positions:

  1. 1. GOALKEEPER (Highly needed) - Top Priority
  2. 2. Defenders
  3. 3. Midfielders

If you're passionate about soccer, ready to compete, and eager to be part of a dedicated team, we want YOU! Join us in our quest for glory and redemption. Apply now to be part of the action! Contact us at

Contact us at bizarrecsgo@gmail.com

Those Interested in the team please fill out this form:


List Position and basic information about yourself


 bizarrecsgo@gmail.com  Mar 12
United Nova FC Prem, D1 and 2

Our club is looking to add quality players in all positions to our strong core group for the outdoor season. The club trains together on a regular basis and there are always call up opportunities available for those who earn it.  Contact us if you are interested in trying out.




 Mar 7
Lads Club Prem, Div 2

(Under new management) looking for quality mens players, 18 and upwards, for an exciting new project. We look to take the club to the very top and are looking for the right kind of players to add into an already exciting squad. Attitude and a love for the game is a must. We run fun/challenging technical training sessions to improve each player individually. This will be the hottest thing this summer so apply while spaces last. All decisions will subject to try out

Danny Gaskin


Mar 6

Miyagis Fc is looking for experienced players for their Div 1 and Masters O35 prem teams. All positions but specially defenders. Interested players please contact Gerson at disson34@hotmail.com or 403-703-6302.

Miyagis Fc está buscando por jugadores con experiencia para nuestros equipos en Division 1 y para más de 35 años Másters Prem. Estamos buscando para todas las posiciones, en especial defensas. Por favor contactar a Gerson al disson34@hotmail.com o 403-703-6302




Mar 5
Magic 3

Calgary Magic SC in Division 3 is currently seeking players for the upcoming outdoor season. We are specifically looking for individuals with a background in club or academy play. Preference will be given to players with Tier 1 or AYSL experience.

We are seeking individuals who demonstrate commitment, possess a positive attitude and personality, and exhibit high-level skills. If you meet these criteria and are interested in joining our team, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

We have openings for the following positions:

  1. Center Back
  2. Central Defensive Midfielder
  3. Winger
  4. Striker

Thank you,


rambodmagid@yahoo.com Mar 4
 Romeria FC  5  

We are a new team for outdoor having started the team in indoor of 2023. Promoted in our first season we are looking to do the same in the outdoor season. We train at least once per week and have a strong core of players. We are looking to add depth in all positions. If interested in a trial please contact Ioan @ 4033836762


 itirlui@gmail.com  Feb 29


Men's O35


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Chile O35 Masters Premier

Chile O35 Masters Premier is looking to add some new players this outdoor (all positions including goalie) to complement our existing core. We are an easy going group but love to compete and of course enjoy a beverage once in a while. Please contact Pablo if you are interested in trying out. Thank you!

Pablo at pjv688@mail.usask.ca

Apr 16
Croatia Inter 3

Calgary Croatia is looking to add talented guys with a team first culture.  We have a solid dedicated core and wanted to continue growing on our indoor season.

 Josip Condic


 Apr 16
Sunstone Old Friends Masters 3

We are a new team in Master 3, and we are in Master 3 is just because we are a new team. We now have a bunch of strong core players but still looking for 2 or 3 experienced players of all positions EXCEPT goalie. We only need committed FULL time players. We will train weekly


Apr 8
Southside Rangers 1

We are looking for O35 players for our team Southside Rangers.

Looking for a couple of players to add to our roster. Most of our team have been together for 6-7 years and looking for some new players to add to our core group. Interested in strengthening all positions. We are aiming to be competitive in our division but enjoy socializing after the games also.

Ivan Hearty

Email: ivanhearty@gmail.com

Mar 26
 Lads Club O35 Masters Elite

Lads O35A (Masters Elite) is looking to add a couple of highly skilled, good natured, and fit players to our team for the upcoming outdoor season. Players for all positions would be considered except for goalkeeper.

Please contact  Please include your age, position(s) you play, height, weight, fitness level, and your previous experiences either here at CUSA or elsewhere. Tryouts will start in second week of April after completion of Nation's Cup.


Ben Tantram at e-mail: btantram@gmail.com or Farshad Sepandj at e-mail: fsepandj@telus.net or text Farshad to: (403) 680-9073.

 Mar 22
Airdrie United 1

We are Airdrie United O35’s and we play in cusa Masters Division 1. We also have an open men’s team, and an O45 men’s team.

We are always looking for new players to improve our squad in all areas of the field, while also becoming a part or our close and fun core group.

 We are a very competitive group but also have tons of fun including socializing off the field as players, family, and friends. 

Our players are from Airdrie and all different parts of Calgary. We’d love to hear from you wherever you live!

Email Alex and Sanju at the below email addresses and tell us your recent playing history, your preferred playing position, and your age.



Alex Earl, alexjearl@me.com or text at 587.830.3853.


Sanju Joshua, sjoshua_11@hotmail.com.

CFC Dynamos O35  3

CFC Dynamos O35 is currently seeking players for the upcoming season. We are in the Masters 3 division. We are looking to add players to our core roster. We are looking for players with a competitive and positive attitude, who have good cardio and ball skills. We are looking for all positions especially defenders and midfielders


For more information please contact Ralph at 

Claymoresfc@hotmail.ca or 403-389-9522

 Mar 11
Neighbourhoods O35


Neighbourhoods O35 is looking for dedicated players to join us for the upcoming outdoor season.

We are currently in the Masters 3 division. We are looking for players in all positions and the preference will be given to those who can commit to a full season.

For more info contact Sead at neighbourhoodsfc@gmail.com


Mar 7
 Miyagis FC




Miyagis Fc is looking for experienced players for their Div 1 team, all positions especially defenders. Intereested players please contact Gerson at disson34@hotmail.com or 403-703-6302.

Miyagis Fc está buscando por jugadores con experiencia para nuestros equipos en Division 1. Estamos buscando para todas las posiciones, en especial defensas. Por favor contactar a Gerson al disson34@hotmail.com o 403-703-6302



 Mar 5



Men's O45


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Croatia Generals 7v7

Calgary Croatia is looking to add a goalie for the upcoming season and a couple skilled players continue the successful Indoor season we had. 

 Josip Condic


 Apr 16
FC Calgerona O45 B

FC Calgerona are looking for more players and a goalie to join their team for this upcoming outdoor season.

Contact Mody for more information. 

Mody - 403-667-3657  Apr 2

Pagans FC is looking for committed players in any position but particularly in defence for the 2024 outdoor season 11v11.

We are a new team with a great core group of guys looking to build this team to continue for more seasons.

Please reach out to Clayton MacNeill claytonmacneill@yahoo.com if you are interested, we need to know ASAP to confirm registration.

 claytonmacneill@yahoo.com  Mar 4
Cochrane Rangers O45 Over 45 Cochrane Rangers O45 is looking for fit, experienced and reliable players that are 45 years of age or older for the upcoming 2024 outdoor season. If you're reasonably fit and athletic then we invite you for a try out. Cochrane is just a short drive from west Calgary but we have the best soccer fields around! We play half of our games in Cochrane and half in Calgary. We also try to practice  weekly if possible. Please contact Greg ASAP for registration information.

Greg Barclay


Text or Call 403-880-2334





Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Pirates C.F. Men's

Pirates C.F. is looking for high-level, committed, skillful, and hardworking players for this year’s futsal season in all positions. Dedication to training sessions, coachability, and having a good attitude are all required for prospective players.

We are having open tryouts this Sunday, September 10th. If you are interested, please send an email to piratesfc2023@gmail.com and/or a WhatsApp message to (587) 968-3890 detailing your name, position, and previous football and futsal experience.

We are very excited to have everyone at tryouts
piratesfc2023@gmail.com Sep 13
 Napoli Women's  

We are looking for committed players to join the first Napoli Futsal team. We have a group of young women who we would like to match up with some more experienced players. We are excited for the possibility of forming a team in the Futsal division. If you are interested please reach out to Claudio at (403) 619-0848.

 Claudio at (403) 619-0848.  Sep 11



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