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To post an ad on this page, email stats@cusa.ab.ca with your contact information, preferred position of play, and any details relevant to your search.

Information will be kept current for 2 months. and cleared out at the end of a month. Feel free to connect with us again if you are still looking for a team. 


Name Division Player Information Contact Info Date
Aaryan Competitive

I’m Aaryan and would like to play football 11 v 11. I played the sport at very young age and took a break from it and came back to the sport to played on my Highschool team. I have take another break as I am now 21 and would love to play in competitive environment. I am very passionate about the sport and have good knowledge base when it comes to football. I would like to play any division from 1-3. I play on either wing or down middle as attacking midfielder. Would appreciate any team that is willing to contact me!


Antoine Competitive

Hi! My name is Antoine, 34yo. Played in France at high level btw 14 and 18yo. Looking for a team as a midfield (defensive / offensive) I can play forward too. Happy to join a team (preferrably outdoor 7vs7 or 11vs11, but indoor works too). Let me know if interested!"


5142963859 Jul 15

Sam 7v7 or Coaching

Hi, my name is Sam (CB) I’m 25 years old from England. I played soccer from a young age all the way up till finishing university, I've played at local, county and university level in England. I stopped playing about 3 years ago as I moved into coaching and becoming a fully qualified coach but continued to play 5 a side and I have a very good understanding/knowledge of the sport. I’m just looking for more of a social team involvement, id be happy to play in a low division side or 7v7 team or even help coach a team that wants to win and have fun! 



Jul 15
Taylor Goal Keeper

33, have been playing for the last 10 years in Co-Ed, and low div/rec mens as a CB, looking for a team to play as a GK. Will play 7v7/Outdoor, but looking for an indoor team preferably. Open to Coed teams, Low Div mens teams

(587) 436-9020


June 27

My name is Dennis, I’m 17 years old, and I would love to play for a competitive team. I have had many years of experience and my preferred position is midfield, however, it is not limited to that. I’d love to help a team while becoming a better player at the same time. I’m also very passionate about the sport.

dennisd3015@gmail.com  June 24
Max 7v7

Looking for a mid-table or above team in 7v7 because Rangers doesn't have a team, I'm often available for games

25 years experience playing but 10 years of CB experience. 

Position: Defence 

Current outdoor division: 2 - Rangers Athletics


416 899 9389 

June 19  

Hi! My name is Andrew, I'm 26y.o., and I came to Calgary from Ukraine 1,5 years ago. I played soccer in early childhood (before 15y), and then had a two-year period of American football in my life (Running Back / Wide Receiver positions). 

So now I want to revive my soccer career and will be happy to join a team. I would be glad to play as a Midfielder/Forward.

andrey777kulesh@gmail.com  June 18
Nicolas  Competitive

I'm new to Calgary, from Col and interested in playing soccer. I've played all my life and can perform as a midfielder or winger. I'm looking for local teams or leagues where I can continue developing my skills and meet other soccer enthusiasts. If you have any recommendations or know of any groups looking for players, I'd love to join!  

martinezsaavedranicolas@gmail.com  June 18

I've recently moved across from the UK and I'm looking for a team. I played when I was younger and more recently played 5 a side/7 a side for a couple years before moving to Canada in March. I'm able to play Centre Back and Right back positions but don't have loads of experience playing full 11 a side games. Thank you.



June 18
 Joaquin Competitive

 I'm from Chile (31 years old) and I am new in the town. I'm looking for a competitive team. Hopefully a latin team. I'm looking for a team where I can exploit my full potential. I'm at my best physically. I have many years of experience competing in high-performance amateur leagues in Chile.




June 17
Abbas Competitive

Hello my name is Abbas I’m 19 years old, I have played soccer my entire life, I play midfield and defensive midfield, I would love to play competitive.

5875005367 June 12

I'm Kareem from Egypt, 43 years old and enjoy playing soccer so I'm looking for a team to join for fun games preferably over the weekends. I've been playing the game all my life, and did it professionally for a bit. My position is right wing midfield and CAM, but I'm flexible with that depending on the team. Hope to hear from you soon to form a team.

kareem.gabry@gmail.com June 12



My name is Saif. I’m a goalkeeper. I have played division 5 all the way to division 2. I was a member of the Yazidi Boys in the last 6 years. I’m looking to play in division two or higher. 

 saifmito3@gmail.com June 11



Hi, my name is Fernando from Venezuela, I am 39 years old. I am a goalkeeper. I just moved to Calgary and I am looking for a team to play weekends. I am living in the SE.

 <fernandososalopez31@gmail.com June 10

23 year old midfielder from Calgary and Chicago. Last club team in Calgary: Foothills FC. Feel free to contact me by email.

 ometh11@gmail.com June 10
 Nathan  3

Hi, my name’s Nathan and I’m 29 years of age. I am looking for a team to play with for the rest of this summer and this upcoming winter.

Preferred Position: wing or mid. 

I have played soccer for most of my life, took some time off in university and started to play again for the last 3 years. My main asset would be my cardiovascular fitness, I am not going to be out worked when I’m on the pitch. My footwork is decent, I can think the game well and would be happy to be part of a team in which there is a system and organization. Would also be happy to just get out and play. This would be my first time playing CUSA so I am going to say div3 but I’m open to any division.  Please send me a text or email if you’re interested in having me on your team. 


(403) 371 9202

June 10
 Jamie  Masters

I’m an English ex-professional footballer and have just moved here to Okotoks after living in Australia for the past 12 years, Playing and Coaching over there


I have always played in centre midfield or a striker now that I’m older and slower but happy to play anywhere really 


Also open to Masters Football and any 5 a side stuff that may be available? 

I’m 42 but have been playing all my life both professionally and semi professionally in England, Belgium and Australia up until last year, despite getting older and being 42.. still feel fairly fit and would like to be able to play here somewhere?!


Please let me know if you guys have anything suitable for me? 

 jamie@jgfa.com.au  June 6
Juan Competitive

My name is Juan Esteban. I’ve been playing since I was a child at a pretty high level. I´m 18 years old. I just moved to Calgary 5 months ago from Colombia, I’m a striker and I’m looking for a  competitive soccer league to play regurlarly. 

 587 8362645 May 29
Yuto Okai 1 to 3

Hello! My name is Yuto from Japan. 20 years old. I want to play soccer with you. My position was midfielder and defender for 12 years. I am confident in my physical strength. I also think the accuracy of my kicks is good. If possible, I would like to enter Division 1 to Division 3. Please email me if you like. I am an international student.

okareds112@gmail.com May 28

Hello, my name is Qasim and I am 18 years old. Currently looking for a semi-competitive team. Played Div 2 and Div 1 from ages 10-15. I am willing to play any midfield position or centre-back. 

malik.q@wcs-g.com May 28

33 year old from Scotland. Played junior and amateur level there and move to Toronto playing the TSSL league 1 with Annex for the last 6 years. Known as a utility man in Toronto my position is out wide but I have played across the midfield and up top. Looking for a team with structure who compete every week and a bit of craic outside football.

  4162209214 May 21

I’m 23 played on select and tournament teams in BC growing up. After highschool I was playing volleyball so soccer wasn’t at the top of the list but I am hoping to get back at it. I would love to play at fairly competitive level however I am coming off an ankle injury so will need to work way my back a little.


I played mostly CM or in the midfield but am open to play where I am needed.



May 21

I'm 35 year old from England, lived in Canada for 9 years, used to play for SWU Relics, was striker and top goalscorer for them for a number of years, before moving to Vancouver.


I have returned to Calgary and I am looking for a team to play on, a right footed natural striker but can play CAM.

liamjmitten@gmail.com  May 16

My name is Balla. I’ve been playing since I was a child at a pretty high level. I just moved to Calgary 6 months ago from France, I’m a striker and I’m looking for a  competitive soccer league to play regurlarly. 

 ballac99@gmail.com May 16
Tim O35

40 year old looking join an O35 Masters I team that has space on their roster. Currently registered with a lower division team but would prefer to join a slightly more competitive league. Prefer striker but can manage in midfield if needed. Been playing my whole life until recently (only 1 of the last 4 seasons) and looking to get back into the routine.

 timfrankiw@hotmail.ca  May 15
 Abu O45

My name is Abu.  I am looking forward to the outdoor season.  I had a very successful indoor season and won 95% of games.  I have played soccer all my life and have been playing CUSA for 4 years now.  

I play winger, center forward and attacking midfielder. I have excellent soccer skills. I have good stamina that can last a full game and excellent physical fitness. I have played at the Masters level in the previous seasons.

I am looking forward to playing O45 and above levels such as Masters or D6, D5.



May 13

Preferred position left wing

I am a 24 year old who played competitively from ages 8-17. I'm looking for a team in the south to join so I can get back into playing

 dumontphillip@gmail.com 587-582-1515 May 13
 Cillian and Isaac  

We are two males who have recently travelled from Europe to Calgary city and are looking for a team to join. We have played at top levels in our country with our clubs. We can both play on a variety of positions, however Cillian (Myself) perfer to play either on the wing or in midfield. Isaac would also like to play in midfield or in the wing back position. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

cilliancotter8@gmail.com  May13

Hello, I’m originally from Nigeria been playing soccer all my life, played on a competitive level. I play LB, LW and attacking midfield.

 5874296681 May 13

My name is James I turned 35 on the 20th of Feb this year, I'm from Ireland and played for years .

I'm looking for a team to join. I usually play wing forward or right back and also playing in goal for a while 



May 8
Jesus  7v7 Competitive

My name is Jesús, I am looking for a 7-a-side soccer team that aims to be champion, I played at a professional level in my country of origin until the Second Division, I carried out my training process in the basic forces of Venados de Yucatán, Mexico. I am very constant and disciplined with football, if it is possible for the team to have constant training, if you have any questions, send me a text message at 825 365 54 91

 825 365 54 91 May 8

My name is Rodrigo, I’m 32 years old. I’m lefty and my preferred position is defensive back or midfielder. As for experience I would say I started playing since I was a kid.

 Rodrigorodzur18@gmail.com  May 8
Pablo Goalkeeper

Hello, my name is Pablo Rodriguez, I'm from Spain. I've been playing soccer since I was five years old, and practically always as a goalkeeper. I'm 28 years old and I'm looking forward to join a team that needs it.


peibirodriguez@gmail.com 5878397116

May 8
Mark Mackenzie 3

Hi, I have just moved over from Scotland and me and my friend are looking for some competitive soccer with some fun involved. We are thinking of joining a Div 3 team.

Mark at mark.mackenzie00@icloud.com May 7

Hi my names Mahdi originally from Kenya just moved to Calgary and would like to join a team, I preferably play in middle field position, but I can play most positions like wing or back left defensive, currently live in N.E.Castleridge, Calgary

 abdimaleek0@gmail.com  5878976569 May 7
Ahmed 3,4, or 5

Hello, my name is Ahmed looking for a team to join div 3,4,5 for this outdoor season preferred position is left or right winger 

4034584431 alobaidiahmed17@gmail.com  May 7

any positions in midfielder . i am new in canada live in calgary I'm 17 years old

aryanmoshkinnafaspsn123@gmail.com May 6

Hi my names Joseph McNamara originally from Scotland just moved to Calgary and would like to join a team i used to play a lot of football back home and was hoping to find a team

jgmcnamara@outlook.com May 6
Lew O35

I preferably play in the forward position, but I can play most positions. I am from the Caribbean and currently live in SW Calgary and looking to play with an over 35 or over 40 team that is in a somewhat competitive division lower division.

I was the captain of a semi division team before I came to Canada. And have been a manager and coach for many years before arriving in Canada



May 4
Blaise Competitive

New to Calgary from the Congo. I am 24 years old and wish to join a team. I typically play winger, but can play striker. I look forward to meeting you playing hard.



May 4th
Trevor and Jordan  3,4,5

Trevor - 29 - CB/LB/RB 

Jordan - 29 - CM/LM/RM/ST

Both of us moved to Calgary recently and are looking for a full-time team to join. Both played 20+ years, are very unselfish, and can play any position asked. We are looking for Div 3-5, but are open to others


parkinsonwilliamtrevor@gmail.com or 236-867-1667

May 4
 Troy  O45

I am looking to get back into soccer after a few years away. I play mostly keeper and will also play defender too. Looking for a team with a good group of guys who like to have fun.

 (403) 200-5490 or troymitch19@yahoo.ca May 4

I am seeking a team to possibly join with a lower division. I am 44, and I played a ton as a youth. And I play ice hockey regularly (so I can run around). Sounding in the south would be best, but not necessary.

I currently coach 2 youth teams and was thinking it would be nice to compete a bit on my own. I can play any position, whatever you need

pcgeo79@gmail.com  April 29

Hi, my name is Nedu. I recently moved from Nigeria to Calgary. I play as CAM or CM. I’m 6ft 3 inches tall. I’m looking for a team to join where team performance supersedes individual accolades and are willing to give their all and sweat it out on the field. I don't mind playing in any division.




 Chris  O45

Hi my name is Chris and I'm looking to join a men's 45 Plus team to compete and have fun.  I've only played unorganized soccer.  I am happy to play any position.

 pezoulaschris@gmail.com or 780-232-3470 April 29
 Steven  3 or 4

Hey, my name is Steven and I’m looking for a lower level team to play this summer.  I have been playing for over 15 years (usually div 4, with some experience in div 3) but haven’t played in about a year.  I typically play wing or defense, I can also play keeper if needed upon occasion.



April 29

4 or 5


Hi, my name is Adrian, I am 26 years old and I am from Mexico. I am looking for a team in any division and even 7v7. I have professional experience.




April 25

Hello, Stefano looking for a summer team. Played all my life but took a break the last couple of years for work. Looking to get back in. Played good level all my life. Need a few games to get back into it. Play any position available. Good team guy!



 Apr 25

Hello, my name is Mauricio. I am 40 years old, from Brazil, and I play as a goalkeeper. I am looking to join a lower division or open team, or co-ed soccer team. My background includes extensive experience in soccer, specifically in goalkeeping roles. My main goal is to maintain and enhance my fitness level; I bring skill and experience, but I’m always looking to improve my overall physical condition.

403 613-1766 or contatodomauricio@gmail.com.

April 25





REFER TO SEASON RULES UNDER DOCUMENTS AND FORMS ON OUR WEBSITE. There is no longer an option to guest play between programs.

You may register in multiple programs, and follow the appropriate play-up rules. 

NAME REGISTERED DIVISION  Details                                                                                             Contact Info Date


Midfield/Striker available to play for any O35 team

403 880 1319 May 27  
Cameron H


Goalkeeper looking to play more this season - has provincials experience and is an elite 45 year old.

Cameron at 403-992-2926  May 9
Phil Pask

O45C 11v11, O55 7v7

O45C Phil Pask O45C-1 11v11 and O55 7v7


Available to play up in O45B or higher. Also registered to O55 7v7 division, so can play across in that division or higher.


Call or text me if you are short and need a player to help you out in O45 or O55 divisions. Short notice is OK! 


Long time CUSA player, originally in the Premier Division - can play anywhere but goal! Former Secretary of CUSA and Calgary soccer coach for youth soccer. 


Currently a registered player with Hoods United O45C in Men's Outdoor 11v11, and Villians O55 7v7, as a stand in when they are short. 


Call or text me on (403) 808-8071 or email me at: bornbritt88@gmail.com.


Final note: I am 100% reliable - if I say I will be at your game then I will be there!!!

Call or text at 403-808-8071 or email at bornbrit888@gmail.com Apr 26

Masters Elite

 Experienced and reliable goalkeeper available for callup from O35 to provincial divisions (prem-div 3). Always will show up if I say I am coming.

ntambellini13@gmail.com, 403-863-2115 May 6
Paulo   M1 - 6v6

Very experienced and reliable goalkeeper. I've been playing in Masters Elite/Premier in Calgary for 10 years. Have played football since I was a kid with experience in U16 (Criciuma Esporte Clube) and U18 (Ararangua Esporte Clube) in professional small Brazilian clubs.

If interested, please, reach out at phsousa@yahoo.com.  (Paulo Sousa)"

phsousa@yahoo.com  Nov 14 



These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. The requirements to be part of a team are between you and your team manager.

Please note we will not support specific selection criteria in these postings. 

If you are interested in adding a post for your team/club, please email what you want to be displayed on this page to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

Men's Open



Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Calgary Inter FC 1

CALGARY INTER FC is Looking for all players. Strikers, wingers, defenders. 

We are having Midseason tryouts/practices for Div 1 soccer this summer Cusa leagues. 

Great opportunity to excel and find a team to form chemistry with. 

Coach Dwayne & Coach Mohammad 4039035372 or email dwayne_bee@hotmail.com

Great opportunity!  

Coach Dwayne/Mohammad at 403-903-5372. Email - dwayne_bee@hotmail.com June 26
Wavedashers  5A

WaveDashers is looking to add a goalkeeper(needed) anyone who is interested can contact us


May 7
Oromo FC 2

Looking to add 2 more players (one forward, and one midfielder) for this outdoor 2024 season.  Need a GOALKEEPER as well! Please contact Kalid. 

Kalid at 403-903-3435 (text only) or email at Kghawas97@hotmail.com 

May 3
United Nova FC Premier

Looking for Experienced and Quality centre back defenders and Goalkeepers. Please if your not of the quality, do not message and waste our time. 

Please contact Victor @18254310326


 April 29
Legacy FC Premier

Legacy FC is looking to add quality players to our roster for the 2024 Outdoor Season in premier division. looking for a dedicated goalkeeper and all other positions.

Contact Anthony at 4034618600 or kadarkwa@hotmail.ca.  

April 22
Calgary Centaurs FC 2

Calgary Centaurs FC in the competitive division 2 is looking for high quality players in all positions to join the team for the upcoming summer 2024 outdoor season. Tryouts will be taking place on Sunday the 21st of April at 4:30 pm and on Wednesday the 24th of April at 5:45 pm. Please reach out to Ibee with your details and to obtain the pitch locations.

Ibee - 306-612-0708 Apr 16
VG Legion and VG Cardel 3A and 4A

Recruiting players for the outdoor season for VG Legion (2 players needed) and VG Cardel (8-10 players needed). We are mostly ex prem and have been trying to climb the table back. We have won back to back seasons and are looking to expand both our first and second team. Won div 4 outdoor and div 3 indoor. We want players of all positions, but most importantly one's that are down to hangout and be a part of our vanguard events like parties, sports and trips. 

Sandip - 5877073612 Apr 13
Calgary Inter FC 1

High level quality soccer. Is looking for goalies, centre backs and defenders. Please give Mohammad a call

Mohammad at 403-519-9839 or email  Coach mohamed.omar2007@hotmail.com Apr 12
CFC Raiders 3

CFC Raiders - Men's Open Div 3

We are looking for players in all positions. Normally we are a Div2/3 team. Our focus is on winning but also enjoying each other's company and always grabbing a beer post-game. Our group is made up of Canadians, Irish, English, and Scottish ex-pats. Age range is mid-20's to mid-30's. If you are interested in playing this summer, please contact Kevin.

Kevin at kevin.j.moloney@gmail.com or 587-583-2222 Apr 11
Calgary Centaurs FC 2

Special Request - LOOKING FOR A COACH!

Calgary Centaurs FC in the competitive division 2 is looking for a coach with very good knowledge of the game and who will be committed to working with players and the team with the aim of taking the team to the higher competitive divisions. The team is searching for someone who can stamp their authority and impose their ideologies on the team. 

Please text Wole Akinosi at 306-850-6768 Apr 9
Santos FC 3

Santos FC from Div 3 is looking for 5 experienced players at any positions, for this coming outdoor season 2024. The team fees are 250 each per player. Kindly reach out to team manager Yenner for more information

Yenner Teah - 587-897-7271 Apr 8
Brothers United Premier

Brothers United is looking for players for the 2024 Outdoor season in the Premier Division. Looking for a dedicated Goalkeeper and all other positions. Contact Tony for tryout information.

Tony at brothersunitedsoccer@gmail.com



Apr 1
Neighbourhoods United 4

Neigbourhoods United is looking for 7 experienced players and an experienced Goal keeper to join our team for the coming outdoor season. 

If you are interested please reach out to Addy to be invited to our next practice session.

 Addy at hoodsfootball@gmail.com  Mar 25
PASS FC United 2

Join our squad for the upcoming outdoor season! We’re on the lookout for dedicated players, particularly in the midfield and defensive positions. Our team boasts a strong core that’s achieved success at a competitive level over multiple seasons. We’ll be organizing some sessions in the coming weeks to prepare for the season.


Text Adam at 403-990-5890 or email at: azimm4thewin@icloud.com


Mar 25 
RNGX Patriots Div 4

RNGX Patriots are after committed & reliable players to add to our roster.

We tend to look for players who are hard-working, fit, and most-importantly have a good brain for the game and play for the team.


We're a mixed group of guys from all over the world, with ages ranging from 22-35.

We encourage the social side and do social/team events throughout the season.


Our team plays division 4.


Let me know if you're interested or want to know a bit more




Text: 403 4674993

 Mar 20
Aces FC Div 3

looking for a goalie for Aces FC Div3. All very young ranging from 18-24. Hopefully the goalie could cover for the prem team too if needed



Mar 19
MSB United 3/4

We are in need of full-time keeper for upcoming outdoor season & ongoing. Fee negligible; team has a good group of mid 20s skill players.

Text @ 4033713393 Mar 18
WaveDashers 5

Join the WaveDashers Division 5 Redemption Arc Team for an exciting outdoor summer season! We're on the lookout for competitive and committed players to fill key positions:

  1. 1. GOALKEEPER (Highly needed) - Top Priority
  2. 2. Defenders
  3. 3. Midfielders

If you're passionate about soccer, ready to compete, and eager to be part of a dedicated team, we want YOU! Join us in our quest for glory and redemption. Apply now to be part of the action! Contact us at

Contact us at bizarrecsgo@gmail.com

Those Interested in the team please fill out this form:


List Position and basic information about yourself

 bizarrecsgo@gmail.com  Mar 12
United Nova FC Prem, D1 and 2

Our club is looking to add quality players in all positions to our strong core group for the outdoor season. The club trains together on a regular basis and there are always call up opportunities available for those who earn it.  Contact us if you are interested in trying out.




 Mar 7
Lads Club Prem, Div 2

(Under new management) looking for quality mens players, 18 and upwards, for an exciting new project. We look to take the club to the very top and are looking for the right kind of players to add into an already exciting squad. Attitude and a love for the game is a must. We run fun/challenging technical training sessions to improve each player individually. This will be the hottest thing this summer so apply while spaces last. All decisions will subject to try out

Danny Gaskin


Mar 6

Miyagis Fc is looking for experienced players for their Div 1 and Masters O35 prem teams. All positions but specially defenders. Interested players please contact Gerson at disson34@hotmail.com or 403-703-6302.

Miyagis Fc está buscando por jugadores con experiencia para nuestros equipos en Division 1 y para más de 35 años Másters Prem. Estamos buscando para todas las posiciones, en especial defensas. Por favor contactar a Gerson al disson34@hotmail.com o 403-703-6302




Mar 5
Magic 3

Calgary Magic SC in Division 3 is currently seeking players for the upcoming outdoor season. We are specifically looking for individuals with a background in club or academy play. Preference will be given to players with Tier 1 or AYSL experience.

We are seeking individuals who demonstrate commitment, possess a positive attitude and personality, and exhibit high-level skills. If you meet these criteria and are interested in joining our team, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

We have openings for the following positions:

  1. Center Back
  2. Central Defensive Midfielder
  3. Winger
  4. Striker

Thank you, Rombod

rambodmagid@yahoo.com Mar 4
 Romeria FC  5  

We are a new team for outdoor having started the team in indoor of 2023. Promoted in our first season we are looking to do the same in the outdoor season. We train at least once per week and have a strong core of players. We are looking to add depth in all positions. If interested in a trial please contact Ioan @ 4033836762


 itirlui@gmail.com  Feb 29


Men's O35


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Callies Rovers  2

Hello! We need a few more players to join our team that has recently transitioned from open Men's to Over 35. We are competitive and enjoy the game, but equally important is the mental mindset and also coming out for the social aspect. We enjoy a quick hang out after a game/practice as well as other social events like attending Cavalry FC games. 


Games start soon, so please reach out to Morgan at titan.bst@gmail.com or text to 403-613-6495. Thank you!

 April 29
Chile O35 Masters Premier

Chile O35 Masters Premier is looking to add some new players this outdoor (all positions including goalie) to complement our existing core. We are an easy going group but love to compete and of course enjoy a beverage once in a while. Please contact Pablo if you are interested in trying out. Thank you!

Pablo at pjv688@mail.usask.ca

Apr 16
Sunstone Old Friends Masters 3

We are a new team in Master 3, and we are in Master 3 is just because we are a new team. We now have a bunch of strong core players but still looking for 2 or 3 experienced players of all positions EXCEPT goalie. We only need committed FULL time players. We will train weekly


Apr 8
Southside Rangers 1

We are looking for O35 players for our team Southside Rangers.

Looking for a couple of players to add to our roster. Most of our team have been together for 6-7 years and looking for some new players to add to our core group. Interested in strengthening all positions. We are aiming to be competitive in our division but enjoy socializing after the games also.

Ivan Hearty

Email: ivanhearty@gmail.com

Mar 26
 Lads Club O35 Masters Elite

Lads O35A (Masters Elite) is looking to add a couple of highly skilled, good natured, and fit players to our team for the upcoming outdoor season. Players for all positions would be considered except for goalkeeper.

Please contact  Please include your age, position(s) you play, height, weight, fitness level, and your previous experiences either here at CUSA or elsewhere. Tryouts will start in second week of April after completion of Nation's Cup.


Ben Tantram at e-mail: btantram@gmail.com or Farshad Sepandj at e-mail: fsepandj@telus.net or text Farshad to: (403) 680-9073.

 Mar 22
Airdrie United 1

We are Airdrie United O35’s and we play in cusa Masters Division 1. We also have an open men’s team, and an O45 men’s team.

We are always looking for new players to improve our squad in all areas of the field, while also becoming a part or our close and fun core group.

 We are a very competitive group but also have tons of fun including socializing off the field as players, family, and friends. 

Our players are from Airdrie and all different parts of Calgary. We’d love to hear from you wherever you live!

Email Alex and Sanju at the below email addresses and tell us your recent playing history, your preferred playing position, and your age.



Alex Earl, alexjearl@me.com or text at 587.830.3853.


Sanju Joshua, sjoshua_11@hotmail.com.

CFC Dynamos O35  3

CFC Dynamos O35 is currently seeking players for the upcoming season. We are in the Masters 3 division. We are looking to add players to our core roster. We are looking for players with a competitive and positive attitude, who have good cardio and ball skills. We are looking for all positions especially defenders and midfielders


For more information please contact Ralph at 

Claymoresfc@hotmail.ca or 403-389-9522

 Mar 11
Neighbourhoods O35


Neighbourhoods O35 is looking for dedicated players to join us for the upcoming outdoor season.

We are currently in the Masters 3 division. We are looking for players in all positions and the preference will be given to those who can commit to a full season.

For more info contact Sead at neighbourhoodsfc@gmail.com


Mar 7
 Miyagis FC




Miyagis Fc is looking for experienced players for their Div 1 team, all positions especially defenders. Intereested players please contact Gerson at disson34@hotmail.com or 403-703-6302.

Miyagis Fc está buscando por jugadores con experiencia para nuestros equipos en Division 1. Estamos buscando para todas las posiciones, en especial defensas. Por favor contactar a Gerson al disson34@hotmail.com o 403-703-6302



 Mar 5



Men's O45


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
FC Calgerona O45B

Need more players. FC Calgerona are looking for committed full time players to join our team for the outdoor season of 11v11. Please contact Mody

Mody at 403-667-3657

May 6
Cochrane Rangers O45  

Cochrane Rangers O45 have just lost their goalkeeper for this outdoor season and are looking for a KEEPER ASAP. Please contact Greg.

Greg at 403-880-2334 or hftntoday@outlook.com

Apr 30
Villains Alumni 55 7v7

Villains Alumni 55 are looking for a couple of fit, experienced and reliable players that are 55 years of age or older (although we will be allowed 3 over 50) for the upcoming 2024 outdoor season. Full-time preferred, but part-time may be feasible.

We try to practice twice a week until the season starts then usually just once. Please contact Steve ASAP if interested.



 Apr 22
Croatia Generals 7v7

Calgary Croatia is looking to add a goalie for the upcoming season and a couple skilled players continue the successful Indoor season we had. 

 Josip Condic


 Apr 16

Pagans FC is looking for committed players in any position but particularly in defence for the 2024 outdoor season 11v11.

We are a new team with a great core group of guys looking to build this team to continue for more seasons.

Please reach out to Clayton MacNeill claytonmacneill@yahoo.com if you are interested, we need to know ASAP to confirm registration.

 claytonmacneill@yahoo.com  Mar 4




Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
    Place holder for 2024 - 2025 season    



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