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To post an ad on this page, email what you want to say to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

Information will be kept current for 2 months. and cleared out at the end of the month. Feel free to connect with us again if you are still looking for a team. 

CUSA will comply with all current AHS guidelines. 

Indoor Coed 2023-2024 players

Name  Player Information Contact Information Date   

My name is Brennan Howey and I am 28 years old. I am versatile and can play various positions but am comfortable in the midfield. I spent most of my time playing out of Saskatoon in competitive divisions. 

I moved here for a job opportunity, and I am interested in joining a team in Co-ed for the 2023-24 indoor season

306-222-1326, Brennan.howey@outlook.com


Oct 2
Angela and Idris My wife (Angela 27) and I (Idris 29) would like to join a co-ed soccer team. My wife plays defense and I play midfield. We have not played for a couple of years and are looking to get back into it. haji.idris94@gmail.com or 587-777-0603. Sep 28
  • Any position but GK
  • Used to play in University and just looking for a chance to get back into shape! More than happy to join any team and contribute wherever i can.
 Sep 27

Hi my name is Bryan and I am new to Calgary and don't know the city well yet. I'm looking for a coed team and feel I would be an asset to any team. I play striker and am quick. Hopefully I can meet some new people here with a interest in Futbol 😁

Sep 20

My name is Evan. I am 31 years old with next to no experience aside from a season when I was a young lad. I've recently fallen in love with the game and would love to join an Ultra Rec team for the winter. I'm in good shape and learn quickly. I'm open to trying any position including goalkeeper. Shoot me a text if you have any questions! 




 Sep 18

Played division 4 and 5 growing up for 6 years, as both wing back and midfield, just moved here from toronto, 24 years old and have been playing a few rec leagues over the summer/spring but am looking for a more committed and competitive experience! 




 Sep 18

I am a 25 year old female looking for a team to join for the upcoming seasons. Indoor, then summer season as well. Have been playing soccer since I could walk. Started playing competitive soccer since I was 10. Played high school and varsity soccer on top of that. I also represented Canada playing in the states when I was 16. I can play anywhere (no goalie thought). But I prefer midfield or forward, any side. Please contact me if you are looking for players. Text preferred.

 (705) 303-5833


 Sep 11

I'm 27 and I've played soccer all my life. Somewhat new to Calgary. I like to play to defense or RW but can play anywhere. I'm really passionate for the sport. 

sbescobar@outlook.com, 403-350-4732

 Sep 11

My name is Diego and I’m looking to join a Boarded Rec or Ultra-rec COED soccer team. I have played soccer since I was a little kid and mostly played 11v11 outdoors and moved between CB and RB. I am happy to try different positions on the pitch. I look forward to meeting new people who love soccer as much as I do. Please shoot me an email or text if you have any more questions. Thank you!

 5874396603 / diegofajardo30@hotmail.com  Sep 11
Mike, and a friend

My name is Mike and I'm looking for a new team in rec or ultra rec. I've played soccer all my life and have played for years in this co-ed league, mostly in the intermediate division. Now that I'm a bit older I'm struggling to keep up in that division. I'd love to join a rec or ultra rec team. Happy to play anywhere on the pitch, and can even play goal occasionally if needed. Send me an email! Another teammate of mine is looking for a new team and would like to go together, if possible.


Aug 28

My name is Hunter, and I am 27 years old and looking to find a recreational-level team to play with in the fall/winter boarded season. I hope to land with a positive fun-first team to have some good times out on the pitch! I have only been playing soccer for the last two years, so I am pretty rusty and still have a lot to learn, but I want to get back at it this year to have some fun and get better! Willing to play anywhere, but goalkeeper, more comfortable as a forward midfield.



Aug 22

My name is Yaw,   I’ve played football pretty much all my life. I’m just looking to play competitive again whether it’d be outdoor or indoor. I can play any position preferably forward or defense. 



 July 31
 Eric and Michelle

My girlfriend and I are both Irish and 28. 

I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kid.

We’re both looking to join a social team to meet people and make friends. Preferably play weekdays in the evening. 

Willing to play any position except goalkeeper if possible. 

ericirl123@gmail.com   July 20



INDOOR COED 2023-2024Teams

If you would like to post an ad for your team or for yourself as a player, email what your want your ad to say to stats@cusa.ab.ca 



Team Division Team Information Team Contact Date
Twisted Ankles United  

We (Twisted Ankles United) are looking for a girl to join us for the Recreational COED Boarded season starting this Fall/Winter season. We have been playing with each other for 5+ years and are largely late 20's-early 30's. We try hard but play to have fun with the team.

Andrew Wood
(403) 969-2512

Sep 20






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