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These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. The requirements to be part of a team are between you and your team manager. Please note we will not support specific selection criteria in these postings. 

If you are interested in adding a post for your team/club, please email what you want to be displayed on this page to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

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Indoor 2022-2023



To post an ad on this page, email stats@cusa.ab.ca with your contact information, preferred position of play, and any details relevant to your search.

Information will be kept current for 2 months. and cleared out at the end of a month. Feel free to connect with us again if you are still looking for a team. 


Name Division Player Information Contact Info Date

I would like to join a soccer team 


Nov 22

hello i'm new here in the city of calgary, i'm brazilian, i'm eighteen years old and i love playing soccer, i would like to know if here i could play soccer for some team in calgary, i have a lot of experience acquired in brazilian soccer and i would like to be able to play the sport that I love.


Nov 21

My name is Ryan, I’m 28yo and I’ve recently moved to Calgary and am looking to join a soccer team, either mens or coed. I played for 12 years previously but haven’t played for the last 6 or so due to working away from home. I’m open to playing any position but am most comfortable with defense or forward.

250-938-0290 ryanbaumbach6@gmail.com 

Nov 21
Rupam Recreational

My name is Rupam and I am 28 years old. I am looking for a team where i can play as a beginner and train hard sharpen  my soccer skills. I am very serious about finding a team and doing my best. I played soccer as a kid before. I can play defence or a midfielder . I live in the NW part of Calgary.



Nov 14
 Sawar  Div 2

Hi my name is Sawar Khan and I play in Defence(CB or RB). I'm 21 years old, 6ft 1", and 170lbs. I have played in Pakistan for both my Highschool and district teams in various tournaments. I am looking to play for a team in Div 2. I am hoping to be in a team with young players like myself where I can contribute heavily to the team and be the backbone in Defense as that is my player personality. Can you please forward this to the teams in Div 2 or post it on your website? Thank you very much!

 sawark70@gmail.com  Nv 14
Seth O35

I am 37 looking for a O35 competitive division 2/3 or recreational team to play for this coming season. I played high level soccer till ~5 years ago, played mostly midfield and defence but am open to any position.

403-605-6016 or swill452@shaw.ca Nov 14
 James  Competitive

My name is James and I'm 26 years old. Love the beautiful game and am looking to get back into a team playing whatever position. Looking for more competition. Used to play central midfield and wing. 


(403) 829 4699 

 Nov 14
Bhav Competitive 7v7

My name is Bhav and I am a 20 year old looking for a competitive 7v7 team to play for. I played 7+ years in tier 1 with Provincial Championships and National appearances. I play wing or striker and am a committed player

bhavjeetc66@gmail.com or 587-966-1032.


Nov 10
 Habib Waizy  Premier/Competitive

I have been playing for quite long time and never stopped playing as soccer is my first love. Would love to play premier or any high division with a good team. Recently moved here from the States where I am managing or coached group of 2k pro or semi pro players.

Highest Level Played: National Team

Position: Midfield

Experience: Coaching and Playing

  2023947219   Nov 10
 Warren  O35

 I grew up playing competitively (varsity and first division) as a goalkeeper. For the past 10-15 years I've tried to avoid going in goal and like to play out. I'd prefer to play either midfield or forward and could also be a solid backup keeper.

 587-227-1318  Nov 8

Looking for a team, can play any position.


akarabinos@hotmail.com, 4165799430

 Nov 7
 Slav D2 or 3

I've played soccer all my life in Saskatoon div 2-3 pretty competitive teams. Ive played most positions can play mid or d. Please email me or call me at 403-853-2222. Look forward to play with you or sub in if you're short on players. 

 403-853-2222  Nov 7
 Liam Competitive

Player info: 26 years old, played high level competitive my whole life. Just moved here from Halifax where I was playing Division 2. Was a striker for most of my career but for my previous team was playing holding center midfielder. Happy to play wherever the team needs me except goal keeper...you wouldn't want that haha!

 LiamMcvarnock@gmail.com & 9022258417
 Nov 5
 Aruna  Recreational

My name is Aruna, and I am looking to join indoor soccer this winter season as a sub or part time player. I have played soccer since the age of 5 and I have played for my school, university, and divisional clubs. Currently, I am playing indoor recreational games in my work place with friends and also recreational playing indoor/outdoors.

I am pretty much open to play with any level of men or coed team. I am good at playing pretty much everywhere except goalkeeper. But mainly preferred playing midfield and forward. 

 maparuna@gmail.com  Nov 2
 Rasmi  Competitive

32 year old. Stopped playing and looking to get back into competitive soccer. 

Playing position: mid or forward 

 4033993014  Nov 2
 Ben competitive or any level

My name is Ben, I'm 32 and are looking for any team to join. I've played my whole life and recently played in the league in Saskatoon (div. 3-5) 

I can play anything but goalie but I prefer wings or left or right back. 

I prefer competitive level but I'm looking for any kind of level at this point. 




 Nov 1


Looking to play on any team. 



 Oct 31



My name is Jay recently moved from Ontario and looking to play in an over 35 league. I played competitive most my life but have been playing on and off for the past few years. Looking to play competitively indoor. I am primarily an attacking player but can also play CM and defense if needs be. 

437 232 6390



 Oct 31
 Kolin Competitive or Intermediate

31 year old male looking for intermediate or competitive team. I do shift work week in/ week out, so I could only make practices and games every other week. I played competitively in northern alberta growing up, haven’t played in ten years,

 Kolin Bush <kolinbush@gmail.com>  Oct 27
 Ethan D3 or 4

My name is Ethan, I have played soccer in Calgary at a high competitive level ever since I can remember. I play left or right back mainly but I am quite the flexible player. The last season I played was in 2020, I played for a chinooks rangers team in the premier division. I am looking to have a fun season in division 3 or 4 to get back into the sport as it has been a while since I played last.

 EthanPinney2o2@Gmail.com  Oct 27
Dapo Competitive

I am 34years old and play in Defence or Midfield. I am new to Calgary and I've pretty much been an active ball player for over 12years back in Nigeria. I'm open to joining any team willing to have me and I am willing to pay all my dues before the season starts.

587-438-7537 or Dapo.b.oki@gmail.com.

Oct 26
 Trey Competitive

My neam is trey, currently looking for a team that’s in div 1 or div 2. I played for team alberta from age 13-17 also played pro locally in edmonton with fc edmonton for 2 years. I’m looking for a more competitive league looking to win games but also have fun.

treysalaas@hotmail.com   Oct 26
 Rod Competitive

I just moved to Calgary from BC. I'm looking to get into some indoor competitive or casual coed soccer. I have played for top divisions in my home city and in the greater Vancouver area. I usually play Defense/Winger. I keep up with my fitness off the field. 

 roderickdirks3@gmail.com  Oct 24
 Mathias Competitve

My name is Mathias and im looking for an indoor team thats playing at a competitive level like Prem or Division 1. I play striker or attacking midd, I've  played Premier league for many years in CUSA. 

mathiasgc159@gmail.com   Oct 17

Hello my name is Austin and I’m looking to play on a recreational or intermediate team. I’m 21 and have played most my life. I’ve played every position before even goalie but would prefer playing forward or defence

austinfb@live.ca   Oct 17
Tom Competitive

Hi, my name is Tom Leão, I’m a Brazilian player and I just got to calgary a month ago. I want to play some were and my friend told me to talk to you guys. I’m 16 years old and I was born in 12/15/2005, so I can play either for adults or minors, just want to play soccer somewhere.

tomleao2005@gmail.com  Oct 17
 James Competitive

Centre midfielder, age 35, played men's competitive 11-a-side in England for years. I'm old now, but can still a tidy player... open to any indoor formats over the winter and 11-a-side next year.


: jfgrover@gmail.com. 647-326-1242

 Oct 13
Josh D3

Looking to get back into soccer after a few years of not playing. I am a 32 year old defender looking to play some competitive soccer.



Oct 13
 Ted  O45+

My name is Ted just moved here from Saskatoon. I’m looking for a team 50 plus division to play on.

I’ve played different  positions except goalie. Looking forward to the winter soccer.




 Oct 12
Christain Competitive

My name is Christian and I'm a left winger, 28 year old that runs well and holds a 100M record of my former University for 10.77s. Open to indoor and outdoor, living in bridgeland and looking forward to making friends over football in this new city of my life. 



 Oct 11
Anthony Futsal - striker

Competitive player looking to join a futsal team. Part-time or full-time."


Oct 11

My names Mijan I'm an 18 year old striker and I can also play right back. Looking to play on any team. 



 Oct 11
Chris Ross COACH - any

Chris has 20 years coaching experience, and a former Donosaurs player 1989-92. Looking to cuach any team who needs it.

8673362394 Oct 11
Christian O45 Keeper

Hello my name is Christian and I'm looking to play keeper for an Over 45 team

christiansalgado1972@gmail.com Oct 11
 Majid  D4 or 5

My name is Majid, I have played soccer since I was a kid and have been playing both indoor 6V6 and outdoor 8V8 for the last 8 years. I typically play midfield, but am open to any position. I am looking for a competitive team, but playing soccer has always given me the chance to do something I love, so also just looking to have a good time!




 Oct 11
 Jonathan  Competitive/AMSL

I am Jonathan and recently moved to Calgary from Toronto. I am18 this month and have played for Toronto FC Academy, ANB Futbol and FC Durham League 1. I am an attacking player (LW, RW, ST and CAM).

 437 855 8316


 Oct 11
 Tyler Premier

I just moved here from Ontario and have played fairly competitive soccer for about a decade now. Im 32 and looking to join an indoor team this winter. Ive played OCAA for Conestoga College in Ontario as a defender and also played winger for a few years in a Premier league in Ontario.  My strengths are my speed and passing ability/vision.

Preferred Position: Winger or Right Back




 Oct 3
 Bryan  D2/3

I am originally from Saskatoon, I’m latino, 32 years old. Used to play competitive when I was younger. Looking for a team mens and coed div 2-3.

 Also I have roommates who want to play and 2 other 3 other friends. In total there 6 of if anyone needs players. We would like to play on the same team. Thanks

 306.491.2581 depor17pineda@hotmail.com


 oct 3
 Devon Recreational

Defensemen. Looking for Intermediate or Rec. Have been playing Mens League for last 4-5 seasons, 33 yrs old now played since I was 4, looking for a little more relaxed game and to join a fun group of players who enjoy playing the game. Please contact me.

 devon.m.evans@gmail.com  Oct 3

Hello my names is James Sharpe and my # is 587-579-4262 Big football fan born in England recently moved to Canada I’m 6 ft, 180 lbs Preferred position is right back but can play centre back and cdm Eager to get back to playing please contact me whenever you get the chance!



 Oct 3
 Ali Shula

 Div 3

Competitive /Intermediate

Hi, we are looking for a competitive team. Ali can play mid and striker while Shuja can play anywhere except goalie. We are looking to play in div 3. and our ages are 25 and 27. We have played soccer our entire life. We will love to join your team. Thanks. 

 403-400-1312, 587-429-8378  Oct 3
 Andrew  Futsal Keeper

Top Tier Futsal Keeper. 

Played in Mens' Futsal Nationals 2018.

Won the Whitehorse Futsal League's Sportsmanship Award for 21/22 season.

Moving to town early October.

Looking for a team that runs a solid system and has a good social dynamic.




 Oct 3



Hello, my name is Garrett Hollington. I am currently a goalkeeper who plays for the Mount Royal University Men's Soccer team that is ranked #4 in the country for Canada U Sports Men's Soccer. I already have a team and am playing in the 7V7 top division this indoor. I am also looking for another team to play with in the boarded or futsal format who plays at a good level. I am looking to split games with another goalkeeper and commit to half the games minimum for the indoor season. I am an experienced top level goalkeeper who is currently training 6 times a week during the season. Please take a look at my highlight video and email me at garrett.hollington@gmail.com if you are interested in adding me as a goalkeeper.

Highlight Video: https://youtu.be/ATuQyEALj5g

 garrett.hollington@gmail.com  Oct 3


Div 2+ in 7v7

Hi, I am 17 years old and looking for either a futsal or div 2 or higher 7v7 team. I have been playing at a tier one or two level since I was 8 years old with both Calgary Rangers and Springbank Soccer Club. I can play in any attacking position but prefer to play through the middle or out on the left.

c.bunch579@gmail.com   Oct 3
 Haseeb  Competitive

Looking to play competitive soccer

Favoured position of play is mid-field or winger

 403-612-3786  Oct 3

Competitive U23

Dicv 2+

: Looking to join a competitive U23 team indoor or futsal. 18 years old as of Oct 2 currently attending the University of Calgary. I've played at various clubs up until the age of 15 including Rangers, Westhills United, and Calglen. Last team I played for was Calglen Tier 2 before COVID. I play any forward position, but most often play midfielder/attacking midfielder. Venezuelan national so available for latino/spanish teams as well as english ones. 



587 500 1946, Sebastianferrer19@gmail.com

 Oct 3
Joey Competitive

Player information: New to Calgary, looking for a team to play with. Can play any position, led previous league in scoring years ago. 

jsquadrilla@gmail.com / 4164736196 



Oct 3
 Edem Futsal  

I’m 36. 

I’d like to play FUTSAl if some futsal team needs a player, or I can come join to futsal practice to play a game.  

Position: defender. 

djed2006@gmail.com  Sep 21
Nick Competitive I used to play for SouthWest United from u6 to u18 tiers 4 to 3 and 2and im 17 now, currently attending highschool at our lady of the rockies. Im Hoping to join a competitive team, I play many positions such as cm,cdm,cam,rb, and if needed I can play anywhere else. I am looking to join any team that is looking for a very driven and motivated player looking to develop and get better at playing

587 891 4124 


Sep 31

Brendan Campbell (Mid/Striker)

John Campbell (Mid/Striker)

Austin Luettecke (Left Striker)


We are looking to join an indoor 7v7 COED team this upcoming season. John and Austin are looking to get back into soccer and I (Brendan) have been playing mens league/coed consistently over the years. We are all in good physical shape and looking forward to joining a team in need of players!



Sep 21

 I am 24 and I have recently moved to Calgary, I'm looking for a men's team for this indoor season. I have played indoor/outdoor soccer most of my life. I've typically played defence but I can move up and down the lineup for the team. 




Spp 21

My name is Hugo, I'm 30 years old and I'm French. I just arrived in Calgary (September 1st) and I want to play soccer in a club. I speak French, English and a bit of Spanish  

I know it's indoor season time now and I would like to discover it (indoor soccer or futsal). I'm looking for a serious club to improve and train hard to perform.


I started to play outdoor soccer in France when I was 8 years old. The highest level I played is a mid-regional level in one of the best French regional leagues (Normandy). I've also played in a semi-professional reserve in New-Zealand.

I use to play as a defensive midfielder but I can play in a more offensive position if it helps the team.


Let me know if you need players for your team and I would be more than happy to join you for a training trial. 




 Sep 20

Hey I’m Sant I’m 18 and I’m looking for a competive soccer club to join.

Ive been playing soccer all my life and I’m currently to old to play for any of CMSA soccer.

I’ve played Tier 1 soccer in Calgary since I was 10 years old and recently just graduated for St.Francis high school  and we reached City Finals For Division 1 but lost.

I’m a attacking Mid or a right winger and just looking to play soccer and win.

I’m available to play any single day.

Thats all I could give you guys but I can’t go a day longer without playing…




 Sept 15
 Lorenzo Competitive 

I’m Lorenzo and I’m from Italy.

I love playing football (soccer), I’ve been here in Calgary for about two weeks and I’m looking for a team I can join.

I have contacted Calgary west soccer club and they told me to contact you, so I contacted CUSA info and now I’m writing this email to you.

I started playing football when I was 6 years old, I started in a small team named Bollengo Albiano Morenica then I started doing progress and in 2016/2017 I went to two different professionals teams such as Juventus and Provercelli.

But unfortunately I was just doing practice there.

Then I changed team and since 2017/2018 I am captain of my team named U.S. Ivrea, and also I am number 10.

In 2019 before covid started I was supposed to go at Sampdoria, an Italian professional team, but I didn’t because of Covid-19’s.

Now before coming here I was playing for U.S. Ivrea still.

These are all the information I can give you…

I would love to join a team here because I can’t stay without playing football.

lorenzostratta10@gmail.com   Sept 13

I'm looking for a team to play. I moved to Calgary last September. I can play on any position in mid but priority is LM. I used to play fory school in my country and also I have played fory State in India. 



 Sept 13
 Abu  Competitive

I am looking to register with a team in the over 45 age group for the CUSA indoor season 2022-2023. I have played soccer at the University level and still playing soccer actively in the current CUSA League outdoor season.  I have excellent soccer skills.  I have excellent physical fitness and stamina.  I play as a striker, winger and a midfielder



 Sept 13
Constantin Intermediate or ompetitive 

Hello my name is Constantin Matei. I am 27 years old and looking for a mans team for the indoor season 7v7 boardless or boarded. I've played soccer my whole life and I consider myself to be at a intermediate/competitive level. My preferred position is forward, but i am versatile and can play anywhere on the field if needed. I have good control of the ball and I can read the game well and I'm aware of where to position myself on the field. 



sept 12 
 Alpha  competitive

Hi there, my name is Alpha (28). I'm new to Calgary from bc. I'm looking to join a team that's looking for a competitive player. I play in either wings and as a striker as well. I've played in the visl and Burnaby men's league.

sulaimankonneh1@gmail.com   Sept 12
 Parker  Competitive  

My name is Parker Waldren. I am a 25 year old male who is looking for a men's competitive team for the indoor or outdoor season. I have played soccer all my life with clubs and have been playing a few seasons of CSSC and I am a referee as well. I love to run so will be happy to play any position besides the goalie. I feel that I am good at soccer but would not be competitive at tier 1 or a Prem level.  The best way to contact me is to call or text me at 4037031019. 

 4037031019  Sept 7






NAME REGISTERED DIVISION  Details                                                                                             Contact Info Date



Men's Open



Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Bearzil  7v7 Rec

We are a friendly team playing recreational division 7vs7 boardless and looking for a keeper.

If you are a keeper and are interested please send an e-mail to: marcelogernhardt@gmail.com


 marcelogernhardt@gmail.com  Nov 7
 United Nova Lions  


United Nova FC - teams in all divisions; Looking for a goalie for Open division

 Unitednovafc@outlook.com Nov 1

We are looking for a committed keeper to join our team. 

mohamed.omar2007@hotmail.com  Oct 31
 Club Atletico River Plate  Futsal

Hello everyone Club Atletico River Plate will be competing in the provincial futsal competition this upcoming season, we are looking for a very competitive goalkeeper to join the team, if interested please send an email to riverplatefutsal2022@gmail.com

 riverplatefutsal2022@gmail.com  Oct 3
 Brothers United



Looking for Committed players

 *Primary Goalkeeper*

All other positions


CFC Raiders Intermediate

We are looking for players in all positions. Normally we are a Div 2/3 team. Our focus is on winning but also enjoying each other's company and always grabbing a beer post-game. Our group is made up of Canadians, Irish, English and Scotish ex-pats. Age range is the mid-20's to mid-30's.



Sept 29
Rangers XiFC D3 7v7

Rangers XiFC Div 3 Indoor looking for players. One of the Rangers Club teams playing 7v7 indoor looking for the following due to some retirements and leaving the city. Competitive team, but also enjoys having fun:

Goalkeeper - looking for commitment and experience

Central Mid x 1

Winger x 2( either side)

Striker x 2

Please reach out to Rick and Fred management_xifc@live.com for upcoming practice dates if interested

Rick and Fred management_xifc@live.com

Sep 22


Men's O35


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Condor FC



Hello everyone, Condor Fc O35 Competitive team 7V7 is looking for a Goalie for coming indoor season

If interested please write to nefertyty22@yahoo.com or Contact Martin Biagiola at 403-880-7927

 nefertyty22@yahoo.com  Oct 17
United Nova Lions M1 7v7

United Nova Lions is the new O35 team of United Nova FC. We finished 1st in the division in outdoor and are starting a new 7v7 indoor team. We have a solid core of players and are looking for a few more committed players of all positions (including keeper) to join our group and round out our roster for the upcoming indoor season.

If interested please contact the team manager Alex at 403-835-3419 or email jordison.alex@gmail.com and we will get you out for a kick about.




Oct 27
Eldorado Drillers O35 7v7 M3

Eldorado Drillers O35 (Master 3) is looking for players at all positions for 7v7 Boardless. Both full time (~$300/season) and part-time ($20/game) players are welcome. We are a club that has been around for 40+ years, where the post-game beverage is as important (maybe more) as the result on the pitch. Opportunities to play as a call-up with our U35 Open Men's 7v7 team will come up during the season as well. Please email Sujit Varghese @ sjvarghese@gmail.com with your preferred position, level of experience and availability.


 sjvarghese@gmail.com  Oct 12
Calgary Boom Legends 7v7 M1

We are looking for 3-4 players for the upcoming indoor season; in particular we would like to strengthen our forward position. We are an established team, but we try to make every new player feel comfortable from Day 1. Please contact Ilya and/or Matt, tell us a bit about yourself and we'll let you know our tryouts schedule

Ilya elliew@hotmail.com

Matt matthewa@mcintyregrp.com

Oct 11
CFC Dynamos Masters

CFC Dynamos 035 are looking for players for our Masters Division O35 team for the indoor season 5v5. We are looking for skilled players with good level of fitness, discipline, and commitment for full time availability. If you are interested please contact team manager Ralph @ Claymoresfc@hotmail.ca or Fernando @locokiz@telus.net (403-651-7731)



Ralph @ Claymoresfc@hotmail.ca or Fernando @locokiz@telus.net (403-651-7731)

 or Kevin kevin.j.moloney@gmail.com


 Sept 29
Eldorado Kickers O35A 7v7

We are looking for a few players in various positions for our 7X7 masters team for the upcoming indoor season. We are looking for skilled players with good level of fitness, discipline, and commitment for full time availability as we are moving a few of our players on to our O45 team and need to find suitable replacements for them. If interested, please contact team manager. Farshad, at (403) 680-9073 or fsepandj@telus.net with your age, level of fitness, height, weight, preferred position, and previous experiences here or elsewhere. 

(403) 680-9073  fsepandj@telus.net  Sept 15
Calgary Croatia 7v7

Calgary Croatia is looking to top off our current roster for the indoor season of Over 35 7v7. We are looking for experienced and committed players in all positions.

If you are interested please contact with information about your experience and position. Contact Josip

jcondic@hotmail.com Sept 6


Men's O45


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Chinooks 1974  O45

Chinooks 1974 play in over 45 and are looking for a keeper to play indoor this 2022-2023 season in 7v7.  We are a competitive close knit group of great friends and quality players who compete well and have lots of fun together. Please contact Andrew Mardon at andrew@mardon.ca if you would be interested in being our goalkeeper this indoor.

 andrew@mardon.ca  Sep 21
Calgary Croatia  7v7

Calgary Croatia is looking to register a 7v7 over 45 team for the upcoming indoor season. We are looking for experienced and committed players in all positions.

We already have a great group of guys committed and are looking to fill out the rest of the roster. Contact5 Josip

 jcondic@hotmail.com  Sept 6




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