1. Team and Player Postings


These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. The requirements to be part of a team are between you and your team manager. Please note we will not support specific selection criteria in these postings. 

If you are interested in adding a post for your team/club, please email what you want to be displayed on this page to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

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Outdoor 2023



To post an ad on this page, email stats@cusa.ab.ca with your contact information, preferred position of play, and any details relevant to your search.

Information will be kept current for 2 months. and cleared out at the end of a month. Feel free to connect with us again if you are still looking for a team. 


Name Division Player Information Contact Info Date
 Mal Competi

My name is mal ! I have played in the USA and Canada !scolarship at Clemson and then played here at an Ontario university! Rb/lb cb rw/lw ! Makeshift cm!

 Just moved to Calgary and looking for a team to just stay active and meet like minded individuals!

malkalmal88@icloud.com   Mar 20 
 Antonio Competitive

I’m from Mexico 32 years old, had been in Canada since 2020. I can play on the midfield I am left footed 

first positions CAM  and also: CM , RW/ LW. I had been playing soccer since a toddler basically. played profesional and semi profesional youth teams , 3rd and 2nd division in Mexico. Looking for the outdoor season coming 

jagutierreznunez@gmail.com   Mar 20
 Kyle  Div 2-3

My name is Kyle Trolley and I am looking to join a competitive men's team at around the Div 2-3 level.

I am 29 and I grew up playing Div 1 soccer in Ontario before heading to the States for university where I played hockey and lacrosse at the NCAA Div 1 level. I recently moved to Calgary for work and have gotten back on the field playing co-ed 7v7, but want to join a more competitive men's 11 a side team as well.

My preferred position would be winger or as a wing back or LB/RB, but I am open to filling in wherever is needed. I am even willing to play goalie if the team needs and our starter is out. I look forward to getting out for a practice/try out and getting started. Cheers!

trolleykyle@gmail.com   Mar 13

11v11 Div 3/4/5

7v7 competitive

My name is Germán. I've played competitively in Div 3/4 in a number of teams indoor and outdoor.


Looking for a team to play. I am very flexible and like to play a pass-heavy type of game. I can play any position but I specialize as a winger/striker or LB/RB defensive positions.


I am 31 years old in excellent form and I look forward to joining training/try out to show my skills.

german.gomezu@gmail.com   Mar 13

Hello, my name is Kiflom and I want to sign up for any team in the men's football league in any division.  I am 24 years old and have grown up playing soccer my entire childhood and most of my adult life.  I played in competitive leagues in my youth and played in provincial tournaments.I played in the minor leagues in my youth and My position is forward and in the middle of the distribution.  Please contact me on mobile or email.

kefalikeshi21@gmail.com   Mar 13

I’m looking for an outdoor soccer team to join for spring/ summer season. I’m 23 years old and have been playing soccer for 15 years of my life. I am open to play both competitively and recreationally. 

Preferred position of play: Any positions except goalkeeper. Thank you. 

 7785137423  1999.m.seino@gmail.com  Mar 13

Hello, everyone!
My name is Kostiantyn, 27 year old. I’m played soccer all my childhood and teenage years (Ukrainian Junior League 1). After a couple of years I played in Hungary in the Budapest championship. Would like to continue playing and find a team in Calgary. Position: Forward. Also can play on midfield.


Mar 13
 Ben Div 3 - 5

My name is Ben, I'm 32 and I've played soccer my whole life. Recently played with a div 3 unboarded team. I'm looking for any team in any league between div 3-5. I usually play winger or back.

benjaminroel@outlook.com   Mar 13
Vlad Competitive or Intermediate. 

I have 10 years of professional football experience. My position LB (but I can play in another position) From 6 to 13 I played in the children’s academy Shakhtar Donetsk. From 13 to 15 played for the championship of one of the provinces in Ukraine From 15 to 16 played in the championship of Ukraine (2015/2016), First League U17 At the age of 18 I played for Arsenal Kyiv, where I was injured

2 years I was recovering from an injury and 1 year I was getting in shape in order to return to professional football again, but the war began in Ukraine and for a whole year I was without football practice

+1 (403) 803-9261 or nikiforov.basic@gmail.com 

Mar 13
Rolland Alho Over 45 An experienced Keeper / Defence looking to join a team in Calgary. 



Mar 9
Silas   Player information: Hey all I am looking to sign up for any team in any division in men’s soccer league. I am 27 years old and grew up playing soccer my whole youth and most of my adult life. During my youth years I had played in competitive leagues and played in provincial tournaments. I have also played in battle river men’s soccer league and My position is Defender. Feel free to contact me by cellphone or email, Cheers  780-678-5973 siguy96@hotmail.com  Mar 8

 D1 - 2

(Open to other divisions if the fit is right)


Hi everyone my name is Lucas. I am 21 years old and have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I'm looking for a team that is tight-knit, filled with players who love the game and want to do well while still looking to have fun. With regards to division, I am open to any divisions however I am mostly interested in playing Division 1-2.

I primarily play CM, or CDM, mostly playing as the more attacking player in a double-pivot. I am looking for a team that wants to control possession, and play a match with sound fundamentals. I always show up to practice and games with the mentality to give my best and leave it all on the pitch, and I'm looking for a team that shares that mentality! Hope to hear from you soon, and can't wait for the outdoor season! Cheers!


lucasion2001@gmail.com or (587)777-7249

 Mar 7
 Lee Div 3-5

Hi everyone, my name is Lee. I'm 27 years old and have played soccer most of my life. I moved to Calgary last year and am looking to get on a team this summer. I'm comfortable playing full back and centre mid, but can play elsewhere if needed. I'm not familiar with the level of play in each division but given that I am easing back into the game having been away from it for school, I think somewhere in the Div 3-5 range would be ideal. As well, a team that prioritizes fun and a positive atmosphere would suit me perfectly. An added bonus is that I'm a physio and will be sport first responder certified by the start of the season so I can help with pitch side first aid if ever necessary!

 403-333-9262 leegye@hotmail.com  Mar 6
 Dave  Recreational

I'm Dave, moved to Airdrie recently and looking to play rec league. I'm 32 and played soccer my whole life but have been away from the game for probably 10 years now. 


Godwin.dave8@gmail.com or 613-322-5974 



 Mar 6
 Matheus  GK

I'm Matheus and I'm looking to play as goalie for a div 2-4 level team. I have been playing at cusa men's open div 3 for a couple years now as as midfielder and sub goalie but my current team is moving to O35. After playing goalie this last season I prefer to keep playing keeper but I'm open to play midfielder if needed.


matheus.webler@gmail.com or 7788745502


 Mar 1
Senay D5 or REc

My name is Senay and I am 23 years, looking to join a div 5 team and also open to recreational teams. I played soccer growing up a lot but haven't played for a while now so I'm a lit bit rusty and need to be up to speed. Preferably would like to play in midfield but open to any other roles



Robby  D3-5

my name is Robby (28) and I moved from Germany to Calgary for work. I am looking for a team to join, preferably in 11 vs 11 or 7 vs 7. I have played soccer for 23 years back in Germany - also some years quite competitive.
I don´t mind playing just for fun. I think Div 3-5 would be a great start.

robby.boenicke@gmx.de  Mar 1

11v11, 7v7, Futsal 

Competitive or Recreational 

My name is David Hazell and I recently moved to Calgary from Cape Town, South Africa. I am looking for a team to join preferably in 11v11 or 7v7 - also open to Futsal in the colder months. I have played soccer for the majority of my life and played at a fairly decent level at University. I am 29 years old, 1.95m tall and have predominantly played at Left Centre Back - and can fill in as a holding midfielder if needed. 

 davidhazell17@gmail.com Feb 27 
Justin Open - Div 3 or 4

Hello, my name is Justin and I am 22 years old. I have recently moved from Toronto to Calgary. I have played football in Ontario my whole life and I’ve grown up playing CM, however, I also like to play forward. I would love to join a cohesive and selfless team that will help develop my football skills but also has fun along the way. I am open to playing competitive or recreation (7v7 or 11v11) in division 3 or 4. Looking forward to joining a great team!



text messages to 403-613-2745

 Feb 23
Benoit Competitive

I’m a French and Argentinian 25-year old offensive midfielder or winger. I’ve player football for more than 15 years, at a good level. I’m arriving to Calgary mid march and looking to join a team to continue playing and get to know new people ! 

benoit.pinotdevillechenon@gmail.com  Feb 21
 Aria Competitive  

Hello, I am 22 years old and looking for a team. I am 5'11 and 165 pounds and played all sports including a good amount of soccer growing up. I only played club soccer for 2 years in jr high but was able to immediately go into division 2 for foothills and played on my highschool team as well but stopped club for golf back then. I am pretty skilled and like having fun. I have recently been playing at the university open soccer and have been getting back into form. I play primarily in the midfield and am happy to go on either wing as well as I am good with both feet. Please reach out to chat. Thanks in advance



 Feb 16
 Gui Competitive

My name is Gui, I am 6’5” 230lb from Brazil, and recently moved from Cochrane, AB where I played for Cochrane Rangers Div 2 and Div 5 competitive during 2022 season. I play best RW, LW, Striker, LM/RM. I am a guy that has played competitive team sports over 3 countries for over 18 years and know how to be a team player. I am looking for a team that works hard and above all work together where the team is the star. I am willing to learn and listen to constructive feedback and want to add to the roster any way I can.Please reach out about any tryouts around Calgary and send me team info if possible.



 Feb 16
 Sawar Competitive

Hey guys, I am looking for a serious team, one that prioritizes every practice, training and match. I am a team player and I lay my sweat and blood on the pitch for the team. I am 21 years old, 6ft 1” and 175lbs. I started as a CB back when I was 16. I have played for my highschool team, District team back home, in Calgary, Brothers United, Atletico Cuervo’s and I have trained with the MRU team for some time. I then had an ankle injury and now I am back. I am looking to get into DIV 1 or 2. I would love for a coach of a serious team with management to give me the opportunity to showcase my skills, teams like Foothills FC. I am open to talk, please reach out to me.

sawark70@gmail.com   Feb 13

 Competitive or Rec

7v7 or 11v11

Player info - Hello! I’m 30 years old and looking to get back into playing soccer. I played competitive soccer growing up and last played Div 2 in Victoria maybe 10 years ago. I usually played outside midfield but have played in the middle and at striker as well.

 connor.crwilliams@gmail.com  Feb 13
 Denys Competitive

Hi all. I am 34 years old my name is Denys looking for a team 11x11 .7x7 . or futsal. Played professionally for 16 years. I moved with my family to Calgory looking for a team.

dexsports.de@gmail.com   Feb 13
 Konstantin Goal Keeper

My name is Konstantin Manolov. I’m 26 years old and I’m wanting to sign up as a substitute goalie player for Men’s Indoor Boarded or 7v7. I have experience playing Men’s indoor and outdoor Div 3 in Calgary for a couple of years. 

 kmano070@mtroyal.ca  Feb 13
 Mikhail competitive

Hello everyone!

My name is Mikhail Bobrovnikov, I'm 39 years old and I'm from Ukraine.

When I was young, I went to the Olympic school in Donetsk, then I played in the second league of Ukraine for a couple of years.

I want to find good company here.




 Feb 9
 Angelo 7v7 and 11v11

My name is Angelo, and I recently moved to Calgary from Toronto. I am looking to join a team, and I am open for both competitive and recreational.

Preferably, 11v11, but I am also open for 7v7. I am 29 years old, I played soccer my entire life growing up in Italy, started as center mid fielder and moved my way to center forward and striker. I am okay playing any of these roles.



 Feb 8
 Robin  Competitive or Recreational

Hi , my name is Robin..been playing soccer entire life so looking for competitive or recreational. I am 34 n physically fit . Please call or text 587 586 6474. I play striker , left or right wing . Not a natural lefty.  

 587 586 6474  Jan 30
 Ranvir  Competitive

My Name is Ranvir, I’m 24 years old.

I recently moved to Calgary and looking to join a team for indoor as well as outdoor in summer. I was played in three different leagues in BC and was highest goal scorer in two of them last year. I prefer to play Left Forward and also can play CF. 

I am available to give trials if need.



 Jan 30
 Nick 7v7 D2 or 4

My name is Nick. I started playing soccer when I was 8 years old and played all the way until the start of COVID when I was 20. From 16 years old to 19 years old I was playing 2 teams, one in minors and one in mens, so you can say I'm committed. I played Tier 1/2 through minors and played casually in div 5 for mens. I dealt with a bit of mental health issues the last couple years, and am finally looking to play again. I play LW typically, but can play wing-back as well. Currently 22 years old, hoping to find a 7v7 Div 3/4 team, or COED Rec team. Thanks for taking the time to consider me and I look forward to hearing from you.


587-226-6034 (preferred)


Jan 25 
 Gerardo  Conmpetitive

My name is Gerardo I am 17 years old , I have 4 years in Calgary, I played like right striker , I player in CWSA and foothills by CMSA but my expectations are be part of a team in CUSA tier 1-2 and become to be a professional player if you can contact me i ready for evaluation thanks in advance 

londaorozco@icloud.com   Jan 23

Preferred position - Center Forward



 Jan 23



Hello. I'm Reuben, 36 years and looking to join a team (rec or comp). I’ve been playing for most my life (played competitive during my high school and university days). Looking to have fun, and work the heart! I can operate as DM or CB.



Jan 23



My name is Rod and I've been playing turf and outdoor soccer for 12 years now both organized competitive and social leagues. I generally play defense but can play most positions. I'm a team player who regularly keeps up with fitness.



 Jan 23




Hello, my name is Daniel. I am 19 years old and I have been playing soccer for the majority of my life. I've lived in Calgary all my life, and I have played U12, U15, U17, and U19, for various teams. When the pandemic hit, I stopped playing and It's been over 3 years since I played super seriously, so I wanted to play for a recreational team so I can get back into form. I could also play for a competitive team, but I don't want anything too competitive because I am not in shape for that yet.

As for my preferred position, I like to play right back, left back, right mid, or left mid.

I would like to play 11v11 indoor or outdoor, so if any team needs a player, I would be happy to play with them.



 Jan 23
 Mark Competitive

My name is mark I am 38, I am looking for a team to play for I prefer to play rb give me a shout 





 Jan 23


       My name is Shedrack and I’m a Cameroonian who just recently moved to Calgary, I am 31 years old, 1.84m tall and I am a very good soccer player and I would like to join a soccer team in this city. I can play any forward position ( left flank, right flank or center forward). Feel free to contact me on my mobile 4036122947 or via my email address shadyngeh883@gmail.com. Thanks in advance to whichever team contacts me. 



 Jan 18
 Kevaughn Rec or Comp

My Name is Kevaughn. I'm 23, and I've played football\soccer for majority of my life and never really stopped playing. I played U13, U15, and U17 in various leagues in Jamaica and KMSL in The Okanagan. I play attacking midfielder, striker, and centre back if needed. I'm looking for anything recreational and the possibility of competitive if there are spots open.


: kevaughn.thames101@gmail.com 2508145796

 Jan 16
 Ben competitive

Hi my name is Ben and I am turning 35 in June. Looking for a Masters (o35) team to play for and/or practice with. Played college level soccer in Alberta as well as Mens D1/D2/D3 in Edmonton/Calgary. Haven’t played for like 5 or 6 years but still in decent shape and looking to get back into it. 

Preferred position: Any (except keeper)

 4039787010   Jn 16

My name is Richmond and I'm looking for a indoors mens team.  I play defence!

richmondsyh@hotmail.com   Jan 16

I am 22 year old with no experience in playing soccer. I would like to try practicing as a goalkeeper. Looking for a team that can help me grow into the keeper position and gain experience.

 587-432-7161 Jan 11
 Pedro  Recreational

Hi, my name is Pedro,Im 25yo and recently hit 4 months in Calgary, I went to a soccer academy when I was a kid and played from time to time but never actually been part of a league and that's what I want, my prefered position would be midfielder, I think I have good vision and playmaking but I dont want anything too competitive right away, it would be cool if we could be friends outside the pitch too.

Thanks for your time!

 pedromolina779@gmail.com  Jan 10
 Hayden recreational

My name is Hayden Boytinck, 26 yo,  and I am interested in joining a team if there is room for me. I would like to play as competitively as I can, as I feel this is something that I have been missing in my life as of late. That said, I have only played soccer recreationally over the past couple of years so the skills are going to be a little rusty, to say the least. I am also looking for a good fun group of lads that can grab a drink together after the games. I primarily play in the center of defense for 11v11, however, I will happily go wherever I am needed on the day. I am 6 foot 2 and about 190 lbs. I would rate myself as decently quick and what I may be lacking in technical skill I can hopefully make for up with physical ability. Thanks so much for considering me, and I hope to be able to meet a new group of fellas soon! Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, after all!



 Jan 9

Hello my names is Tolulope Yusuf ,  Big football fan born in Nigeria recently moved to Canada my Ht 183 cm,Wt 60 kg Preferred position is right back but can play centre back and cdm Eager to get back to playing please contact me whenever you get the chance!

 825-561-7252,  Jan 9
 Awais  competitive

Hello my name is Awais. I have played elementary school soccer and have played 2 years at my highschool. I am looking to play over the weekends. If you know any soccer leagues for Saturdays or Sundays please let me know. I have been looking to play competitive soccer. I play left winger.

 awaisshakeel2003@icloud.com Jan 9
 Jordan Competitive

Hello my name is Jordan. I am a 27-year-old male from the Toronto area of Ontario, played competitively my whole life. I’ve got a wide range of experience, captained and lead my high school team to a District 8 championship for the first time in school history, competed in OFSAA, played U21 provincial, played in semi-pro league CSL in Ontario, played one year junior college division 1 in Texas at coastal bend college, one year at Conestoga College in Ontario, trained with a couple of league 1 teams in Ontario ( Sanjax academy and BVB waterloo ) and my most recent club I played and trained with was FC Berlin where we competed in the UPSL in the states. I’m a versatile player. Most of my positional experience is on the defensive side but have played in many roles depending on the squad and type of soccer. My specialties are physical strength slide tackles and long balls and through balls. Looking forward to adding my experience to a good group of lads. 




 Jan 4


I am a 25 year old male who is looking for a men's competitive team for the indoor or outdoor season. I have played soccer all my life with clubs and have been playing a few seasons of CSSC and I am a referee as well. I love to run so will be happy to play any position besides the goalie. I feel that I am good at soccer but would not be competitive at tier 1 or a Prem level. 

call or text me at 4037031019

Jan 3



future 11v11

My name is Anthony and I am 27 years old. I have recently moved to Calgary. I have played soccer my entire life. Coming off an 11v11 championship this past season, I am looking to continue that momentum.  Can play most positions but mainly play as a RM or CDM or a ST role. Played GK in the past - great backup option. Looking for a team around the Div 3 Level & open to any opportunity to play.


a.valela@hotmail.com or (807)629-9224.

 Jan 3






NAME REGISTERED DIVISION  Details                                                                                             Contact Info Date



Men's Open



Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Rom 3

My Name is Rom. I am the Head Coach for “Magic” attending CUSA Open 11 x 11 League. Our team is in Division 3 outdoors.  We need some new Players in the following positions for Summer 2023 outdoor:

1)      Left Full Back 2)      Right Full Back 3)      Center Back

If you are interested to play in these Positions and you think you have enough skills and experience please send me a message. You need to come for tryouts. Your technical capabilities and attitude are the essential criteria to be chosen.


Rom (C Licensed Canada Soccer Certified)

 rambodmagid@yahoo.com  Mar 20
Fiji FC 4

Looking for a full time goal keeper



Mar 20
 Brothers United Premier

Brothers United Premier is looking for committed players in all positions for the 2023 Outdoor Season. contact Tony @rohan240@gmail.com or 403-561-7700

 Tony @rohan240@gmail.com  or 403-561-7700  Mar 7
Al-Salam FC Boarded Intermediate

Looking for a keeper. 

Omar Ayman - 4036173931


Feb 1


Men's O35


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
Calgary Croatia O35  

We are looking to add a couple of skilled and experienced players. All positions have an opening.

We have a good dedicated core and looking to add to it in order to become a much more competitive team.

Our top priority is to find a goalkeeper.

We will be having our first practice later in March.


Please contact Josip at jcondic@hotmail.com

 Mar 14
Super Eagles O35   

Super Eagles O35 is looking for a dedicated goalkeeper/goalie to join our team as we prepare for the 2023 outdoor season.
We currently play in Men's Masters 1 Division.

If interested, please contact Team Manager - Pingaustin@gmail.com or 403 401 4479.


403 401 4479

 Mar 13
Cochrane Rangers O35  

Cochrane Rangers O35 is currently recruiting for the 2023 summer season. We are looking for athletic players with experience of the game. We currently have a strong squad with some talented players, and are looking to strengthen this squad further. We have our own beautiful fields next to the Bow River here in Cochrane, in addition to games we train at the fields weekly, and also meet up socially. For further information please contact Nick at nick.king@gmx.com


 nick.king@gmx.com  Mar 8
 Neighbourhoods FC  M3

We are a friendly and competitive soccer team looking to recruit new players for the upcoming outdoor season. Our team is all about having fun and playing good soccer, while also striving to win and improve. We play in Masters 3 division and are looking for committed players for all positions. If you are interested please send an email to neighbourhoodsfc@gmail.com with some info about yourself and your preferred position. 

 neighbourhoodsfc@gmail.com  Mar 7
FC Calgerona Masters Premier

We are looking for Full time Commitment players loves and enjoy soccer  all positions for the upcoming outdoor season. We will play in  Master Premiere  and you have to be born prior to Jan 1 1988 .

If interested please contact team manager at info@modyhomes.com or message/call at (403) 403 667 3657 
 info@modyhomes.com March 6
 Eldorado Kickers O35A  O35A  We are looking for players in all positions for the upcoming outdoor season. To play at the highest level of masters it would be required to have skill and fitness in addition to ability to get along with the rest of the players and come up with the team registration fees ($400). Good and strong defenders are a priority for us this season as we have lost a couple to long-term injuries. 

If interested please contact team manager at fsepandj@telus.net or message/call at (403) 680-9073. Thanks. Farshad


 see team info  March 2


Men's O45


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Calgary Croatia  O45  


Calgary Croatia is looking to relaunch its Over 45 team for the 2023 outdoor season.

Looking for skilled, experienced and dedicated players in all positions who are looking to have fun and be competitive at the same time.

We will be having our first practice later in March.


Josip at jcondic@hotmail.com


 Mar 6
Cochrane Rangers O45

Cochrane Rangers O45 outdoor looking for players for the upcoming 2023 outdoor season. We will be competing in the O45C division and are looking for talented, dedicated, athletic players to help us qualify for promotion to O45B. Registration opens in February.  Please contact Greg Barclay for tryout and registration info at 403-880-2334 or hftntoday@outlook.com

see team info.  Feb 27




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