1. Team and Player Postings


These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. The requirements to be part of a team are between you and your team manager. Please note we will not support specific selection criteria in these postings. 

If you are interested in adding a post for your team/club, please email what you want to be displayed on this page to stats@cusa.ab.ca 

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OUTDOOR 2022  



To post an ad on this page, email stats@cusa.ab.ca with your contact information, preferred position of play, and any details relevant to your search.

Information will be kept current for 2 months. and cleared out at the end of a month. Feel free to connect with us again if you are still looking for a team. 


Name Division Player Information Contact Info Date
 Juan  Competitive

My name is Juan Lacera. I'm 19 years of age, and I'm looking for a competitive soccer team. I played academy soccer when I was ages 12-13 (Spring bank tier 6 indoor, then foothills tier 2 outdoor) I played centre back for the foothills season and have played there since. I played Junior high - Highschool and then quit to pursue American football.  I want to find my way back into the sport. I'm very competitive and want to take soccer as far as it will take me. 

Juanlacera@hotmail.com  June 30
 Trevor  Competiive to D4

22 years of soccer experience. Played Rep and high school in the okanagan. I play mostly defensive positions like CB and CDM. Can play RB if needed. Just moved to Calgary and looking for a team to play with any day of the week works for me.

 Trevor Parkinson parkinsonwilliamtrevor@gmail.com  June 30

My name is Esa.  I am 19 years old.  I learned and played soccer at the Tier 1 level as a midfielder and winger for the Foothills Soccer Club for 10 years.  I am looking to play in the CUSA League for the remainder of the Outdoor Season.  I have excellent soccer skills.

If any of the teams is interested to include me in their team (at any level) please text me or call me at my cell 306-807-8745




 June 30
 Dominic  Competitive

My name is Dominic, I’ve been mostly coaching over the past couple of years, but would like to get back to playing at a fun level. Competitive, but not playing for the World Cup, if you know what I mean. I usually play up front, but can play RB or CB in a pinch.



Dominic and Danielle Terry <theterrys@telus.net>


 June 30
 James  Competitive

Ive just moved to Calgary from Australia, where Ive played semi pro for the past 11 years, before that I've played in the Uk semi pro as well. Im .33yrs old,  Im left footed and can play LB/ LW or CB. Played at the start of this season in Australia but my fitness will need a little work as Ive not played in a couple months. looking to play outdoor 11v11 at a good standard and enjoy it at the same time. my contact details are 403 850 8649 or Burch 188@hotmail.com .If anyone is interested please get in touch. 

 403 850 8649 or Burch 188@hotmail.com  June 29
 Santiago Competitive

I am Santiago Caicedo. I'm 21 and I moved to Canada almost 3 years ago. I grew up in Colombia and I played soccer for my whole life. I've played in many clubs in Colombia, always in the local league. I was also part of the highschool team. I played most of the time as a Attacking Midfielder/Playmaker but I also have experience playing as a Striker. I'm looking for a competitive team that wants to work hard and have fun.

 santiagocaicedo.a@gmail.com  June 27
Parker Competitive

I am wanting to join a men's team, preferably a team that plays outdoors and thinking about playing indoors and that is competitive. I am 25 year old male, who has been playing soccer all my life. Currently I am playing on a soccer team in the cssc league, but wanting to play on another team! I am also a referee in Calgary. I am best at midfield and defence since I like to assist on goals. I am hard working teammate who loves to run and always brings a ton of energy! Let me know if you have an open spot and I would love to come play on your team!

403) 703-1019   Pawallen123@hotmail.com


June 22
 Jason  O35

Experience : 18 years of football on a competitive level (11v11/ 8v8 and Futsal). Great stamina, good in the air & love a good tackle! Looking to join a team keen to win and get stuck in. Slot me in and you won't regret it.

Positions : CB/CDM/RB

 587-437-7251  June 22
Don O45

keen, and available to start right away. 

donola101376@gmail.com  June 21
 Roman  D2/Competitive

I am Roman Dawari I am 23 years old I am new in Calgary I used to play 2 division before the pandemic I only played futsal in the pandemic I am looking for a competitive team to play for.

romandawari0073@gmail.com   June 21

I’m looking forward to play competitive soccer. More about myself,  I’m currently 19 years young and I’m sudanese. I played soccer there. I was Born in Saudi and I played amateur soccer there too in the East coast. Been looking at different styles of playing through my time in these places and it was really diverse. Willing to attend training and improve my game through time. Here is my number and email (4034673331), ( mazinkoomrani@gmail.com).



 June 20
 Mason  D4/D%

Have been playing soccer my whole life, over the past few years have taken some time off. Can play all positions minus keeper but excel in the midfield. Just looking to get back in the game.


250-814-8625 or masonb77@gmail.com

 June 20

Hi my name is Daniel 33 and i play as a winger/right back. Looking for a team thats willing to give me a chance to play

danielkong87@gmail.com   June 20

My name is Luke Gough, I'm 30 years old and have just moved to Calgary from the UK. Been a couple of years since I played 11 a side and not sure on the standard of football here, so happy to play/trial/train for anyone that needs a player just to get started. Usually play CM but can play CAM/CDM/RM/LM or ST/RB at a push, not very tall but pretty good in the air and can use both feet. Fitness will need a bit of work but I like to run and will work hard for the team. Anyone interested just give me a shout.



Email: lukejgough@outlook.com

 Kie 20

My name is Dilsher, Age 29 and i would like to join a team and get back on the ground. I have played soccer for the last 6 years now. I am new to Calgary and I want to join a team and start playing again. I play as  midfielder but can adjust at other positions too. 

 dilsher00123@gmail.com and you can reach me at 5148346584  Jun 16
Fernando O35

Hi there, I am Fernando, 41yrs old looking to join a mid level team full time or as a call up. Not Skills: not good but not THAT bad either



 Jun 16
 Aidan  Competitive

My name is Aidan, 20 years old. I am looking for a competitive outdoor soccer team for the summer. I played high school and mens division 1 in Manitoba and most recently played for Brandon University Mens Soccer team in the MCAC. I haven’t played for 2 summers due to covid and moving. I am most comfortable in the mid field but I can be effective in all positions. If there is an opportunity to play please let me know!



Email: aidandriedg18@gmail.com

 Jun 15
Mykhailo Premier or D1

I played for the Metalist Kharkiv football club, the premier league of Ukraine, U-19 division.
I am looking for a team to improve my game, remember all my skills and achieve victories together.
Positions: LCM, CM, LW

+18259948848 WhatsApp

 Jun 9
Hunter D5

My name is Hunter and I am relatively new to the sport, I'm moving to my second season of rec indoor play and outdoor play with CSSC next month. Basically, I want to learn, and I want to have access to coaches that can help me improve. I accept I might not be fielded for months, but I want the opportunity to train and have both the coaching and practice to help me improve, I am a committed person, and if the above is acceptable, I would love to chat. I've been playing mostly a defence role, but I've got a powerful strike (So I think!) and I am willing to shift to a different position or stay wherever you want.

(403) 200-7335

Jun 9
 Senay  D4 D5

My name is Senay and I m 22 years old, it been a long time since I played soccer, since high school. I'm looking to join a division 4 or 5 team and moved up to other divisions in time. I don't have any preferred position except goalkeeping, I'm a lit bit short so that might not be a good position for me.




 Jun 8
 Aadel  D4 D5

I'm looking for the team from Calgary to play for in this summer. Never played on this level before but want to try out this year. I'm right foot player and my favourite position is left wing or attacking midfield or striker as number 9. Open to play at any level for any team whoever offers a spot.


(403-477-3709), email: aadeljavedkhan@hotmail.com

 Jun 8


Hi there! My name is Sawar Khan, I just turned 21 a month back. I am in search of joining a team in Division 1. I have played as a Goalkeeper for a long time now, including playing for my Military institution Highschool as the starting goalkeeper for about 2 years. I have trained with the MRU Cougars for a couple of days as well. 

                 I am looking to further pursue my career in Soccer with the utmost determination and discipline. I am currently training with the United Nova FC players, playing in the Premiers. 

                 Please contact me, even if it's a position as a 2nd goalkeeper because I know I can prove myself to the coach and challenge the starting goalkeeper to do better than what he has been doing in the past. I want to bring my mentality and strength to the team that allows me the opportunity to join their squad.

 sawark70@gmail.com   June 8
 Gabriel D4 or D5

Hello, My name is Gabriel, 22 years old. It’s my first year in Calgary and I’m looking to join a team. I haven’t played since high school so I’d like to join a lower division team. I’m happy to try out any position except keeper haha.



phone: 604-379-9606

 June 2
Ethan D1

My name is Ethan, I’m 19 years old, and I primarily play central midfield either as a number 6 or an 8, however, I can adapt to many positions. I just finished my first year of ACAC football with Medicine Hat College, and previously played with New Frontier and Blizzard. I can fit into any team and always make sure I’m a positive piece of the team’s success. If you would be willing to give me an opportunity, please reach out! If you need any other information please let me know.

780-518-1350 or ethanpitman10@gmail.com May 26

My name is Preet, Age 29 and i would like to join a team and get back on the ground. I have played soccer till 27 and was away for two years due to busy work.


I play as attacking midfielder and would like to continue playing as the midfielder.



Phone - 778-713-4913

 May 25
 Paul D4 or D5

Hi my name is Paul woods, I was born in Liverpool, England and moved to Canada 12 years ago.  I used to play for rangers in Calgary, but have been hit with a lot of injuries that I have finally got over. I am 35 and can play forward,  or just behind  the forward and in goal if needed but not preferred.  You can reach me at woodsyp86@hotmail.com or 403-390-5418..


 woodsyp86@hotmail.com or 403-390-5418  May 24
 Panashe  Rec

Played in high school as a right back and winger. Now just looking to play for fun. Age 26


Phone: 587-500-5747 

Email: p.goreh@yahoo.ca 

 May 24
 Aiden  Competitive

My name is Aiden Szautner and would like to join a competitive tier team.  I am 20 years old, played all 3 years in high school; Tier 1 CMSA; won provincials as starting striker in grade 12. Played last outdoor with team that moved up to O35 this season.

 aszaut@gmail.com  May 24 

I’m a holding mid (CDM) or CB, but can also play as a CF. I’m 20 and last time I played was in high school and want to play again.

5876640676 and email is bezbezzy18@gmail.com

May 19
 Stephen  D4-5

Hi I’m Stephen, Just moved here from Ontario looking to get back into the game.  

 Tfcfan77@gmail.com  May 17


Hi my name is daniyal, I’m 19 years old and I play as a winger or striker. I’m looking to compete in a slightly competitive league like div 3 or 5


(403) 498-7634 

May 18
 James  D4 or D5

Just moved to Calgary a couple of years ago. I haven't played league soccer in a long time but I am in good physical shape. I would probably do well in a defence or midfield role but with my lack of recent experience, I would prefer to play in a lower division.




 May 16

I am maddy   Rhifi , I am 29 and  I recently moved to calgary. I grew up playing soccer in Africa and I have played with a few teams in Winnipeg prior moving to Calgary. Soccer is the love of my life and i would like to find a team with a great dynamic and chemistry to play with.  I am fast, playful and has a unique playstyle. I can offer a creative game to the team, 

maddie4561@hotmail.com  May 12
 Owen lower divisions

My name is Owen Wright and I'm a 19 year old male looking to join a soccer team this spring/summer. I recently moved to Calgary from Saskatchewan.


It's been a while since I've played in a league so I would love to play in one of the lower divisions. I'm off work every night at 7pm and I'm always free during the weekends. I left my contact information below


C: 306-981-5922

E: owen.wrightfraser@gmail.com

 May 10
 Mike D4 D5

Hi I’m Mike, 32 and originally from the UK but been in Calgary for a couple of years playing in Div 5. I’m looking for a sociable team and to play regular football. My strengths are on the wing, finding space and running in behind but will play anywhere outfield.


Contact: 825-994-8220

 May 9
 V Zvizh   Premier or D1

(Canadian C Licensed Coach)

Age: 25 Height: 180 cm Weight: 70 kg Position: LB, CB

Experience: Futsal Club Toronto, Shakhter FC (Kazakhstan D1), Tulpar Futsal Club (Kazakhstan D1)

Would like to help your team and improve my game. Willing to participate every practice and game.

 vzvizh@gmail.com; phone: 403-667-6710.  May 9

 D3 to D5


My name is Tom and I'm looking to get back into playing soccer this summer. I've played many positions including winger and as a goalie. I've played in cusa from division 6 all the way to division 3. If your looking for a versatile player who will give his all please call me at 5874294118 or email me at tomtiman@hotmail.com


5874294118 or email me at tomtiman@hotmail.com

 May 9

D4, D5


Hi. My name is Sham and I'm 29 years old. I would like to play midfielder or stricker but open to all positions. I have great cardio and do lots of long distance running. I have never played any competitive soccor but play with friends here and there. I'm committed to coming to practices and playing lots of soccor outside this summer. 

 (403) 903-0662, shamirza.iqbal@gmail.com  May 5
 Connor  D4 or D5


My name is Connor. I'm a 26y/o with experience playing growing up, but have not played significantly for the last few years. I prefer to play defense or midfield, though I have experience as a keeper as well. I'm wicked fast, tall, and in decent shape. Would love to join your team and continue playing the beautiful game.



 May 3
Andrew O45

Howdy, name is Andrew Lychak, 46 years old, played the game competitively for a large portion of my life and would love to get back into it.  Something fairly competitive but not looking to win the World Cup. I’m a fullback, it’s all I’ve played and I guess I’m looking for a team

403 671 7069 May 2
 David O45

I’m 55 years old, good fitness, decent skill, looking to get back to playing after the COVID years.  I usually play up front.  Will pay, show up, work hard and have fun.  In favour of beers afterward.  Used to play with Red Devils.


403-612-4918 or d_zajdlik@hotmail.com

 April 30
 Iyinoluwa Oyeleye Emmanuel  Competitive

I’m 20 years old. I recently moved to Calgary from Nigeria where I played for a non-league team which competed in different tournaments , we trained four times a week . I play as a 6 (defensive midfielder) and a 8 (central midfielder).

I also played for my school team in university for all four years as a midfielder and a centre back. I’m looking to play competitive football.




April 28 
 Shuhei  D1-D4

.My name is Shuhei Higashiyama and I am new in Canada. I am 22 year old. I would like to play in the D1~D4 leagues. I have been playing soccer for 16years. I can play as an attacking-Mid/winger/striker. I would like to keep playing soccer in Canada.

I would be glad if you could send a message to me.

 shuhei24182418@gmail.com   April 26
 Noddy D1-D4

Hi guys, I’m Noddy Fung. A 25-year-old Hongkonger arrive Calgary for 5 months and love this city very much. I hope to join a team to play and enjoy soccer together. This is my info.


 Outdoor: I was the team captain of my university soccer team for last two years. Playing as a central midfielder at that time. We were not the best and strongest team, at the same time, we enjoyed practicing, winning, losing and growing together. (Really miss my teammates...)


Futsal: I have played as a striker for two different D2 futsal teams in HKFA Futsal League between 2018 and 2021.


Thank you for considering me. I wish you a nice day and all players can find their belonging team.

Phone: +1(587)969-9846

Email: noddyfungty@gmail.com

Apr 23
 Christian Competitive

Hi my name is Christian Bell and I'm 17 years old. I can play Winger, fullback, CAM and striker. I have played for Foothills, Okotoks United both tier 1, Kososva FC in competitive men's 7v7 and my highschool E.P. Scarlett in division 1. I would like to play competitive again in 11v11.

 587-664-1351 and Christianbellm03@gmail.com  Apr 18
 Kevin Lower Divisions, Rec. 

Hello a friend and I are looking to join a team for outdoor this season

 Both are 32 years old. Played full time till 18 and he played years after, I have played occasionally. 

 Both are looking to be on the same team preferably a lower rec league. Both played forward or mid. 




 Apr 18




My name is Febin Francis and I am 19 years old. I am looking for teams to join in or trails to attend. I play as a right back/DMF. I have played for school team, city team and also have played reliance cup.

I wish  to play in a competitive league.



Email: febinfrancis8116@gmail.com

 April 18
Sangmin D4, D5

Hello, My name is Sangmin, 27 years old and South Korean. I'm new in Calgary.

I'm looking for team in division 4-5. I can play Defender, Wing positions. I played 3-4 times a week in Korea. thanks.

osm4307@gmail.com  April 22

MY name is sam. I am a 28 years old who looking to get back playing soccer. I stop playing soccer for 3 years and I  would like to get back again.

samhayte816@gmail.com   Apr 20
 Edson Prem, D1, 2

Hi, I'm Edson I just moved to Calgary, I played premier, div 1 and 2 in Vancouver, I was in Scotland last year where I played at a decent level as well. I can play anywhere but I prefer the attacking role as a 10. Hopefully I can find a team and a good group of guys. 4039265615.

4039265615  April 20
 Albe Competitive

My name is Albe Martin and I am new in Canada. I am a 19 year old football aspirant who is looking for a team to play or trails to attend. I would like to play in the most competitive leagues. I can play as an attacking-Mid/winger/striker. Ive played for my both school teams and also in sub-district competitions back in India.


Looking forward for opportunities…


Phone: +1 (403)-918-4867

                        Email:  albemartin111@gmail.com


 Apr 14
 Sebastian D1-3

My name is Sebastian Gaitan, I am 22 years old, i am currently looking for a team to play with this season, between Tier/Div 1-3. I play right defensive/central midfielder. My last time playing soccer competitively was in high school (4 years old) 

Please let me know if you need any other information from me.

sebastiangaitan2210@gmail.com  April 12
 Hisham  Competitive 

Hey I am 23 years old , looking for a team I am playing as RB,. I am looking for a competitive and a good team try me and you will have one of the best player in your tem 

 5877008137  April 12
 Diego  D 3-5, GK

I am 26 years I can Play goalkeeper and Defender

I have many years of experience and know the game very well. I haven't play competitive for awhile only for fun. I am itching to play competitive.





April 7

 Ben  D 3 or 4

Player Details: I am 26 years old, ex-foothills player here in Calgary. I'm best suited playing in the midfield or wing, but happy to play where needed. Really excited to get back into a squad! 


Benbolton90@gmail.com, 778-678-4754

 April 7
 Andres  D1-3

Hello, My name is Andres Melo (21 years old). I am left footed, and prefer to play in the middle, usually left or right mid. I used to play tier 1 soccer back in CMSA, and then took some time off after leaving CMSA. My last time playing for a team was last summer. I am looking for a competitive soccer team, and I’m willing to try out divisions 1-3

Phone #: 8253650114 

 April 6
Ben GK

Hi I’m looking to get back into playing footy been a lot of years and a lot of weight piled on since I last kicked a ball but I miss it. Ideal position would be centre back but have also played as a goalkeeper and wouldn’t mind starting there again to build up some fitness.

hall_ben@hotmail.co.uk  Mar 30






NAME REGISTERED DIVISION  Details                                                                                             Contact Info Date
Phil  O45C  

Experienced, seasoned player looking to play up in to higher O45 outdoor divisions - I am signed up for O45C division(Hoods United) so O45B or possibly O45A, and also interested in signing to/and or playing up to the 7 x 7 O45 division. I qualify to play up to any higher division and to the 7 x 7. Totally reliable, able to turn up for games with short notice - at lease 2 hours though please - if I say I will be there I will be there! Can play anywhere but goal(you don’t want me in goal)!

Prefer midfield, or defence, or wherever you need an extra man!

Also enjoy an after game refreshing beverage at your team’s favourite watering hole!

 Text Phil: (403) 808-8071 or email bornbrit888@gmail.com  jUNE 8
Richard Over 45B Call up player for games, practices or as a volunteer linesman. Available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and some Mondays and Thursdays. Currently registered in O45B.  403-831-9003 June 9



Men's Open



Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
United Nova Prem and D2 

Hi, we are looking for goalkeepers for prem and div 2 levels!

Victor 403 479 3720

April 26

Looking to join an active, fun, professional roster this season? Come join CSWU Men’s team. Our club has been running since 2003, and we are looking to add a few more players to our team this year. Contact us at info@CSWuSoccer.com if you are interested.



April 26
Calgary Inter FC Premiere

Seeking competitive players for tryouts. Come join us!

-- Centerback and Fullback Positions Needed --



April 7
Cochrane Rangers D 4 or 5

Our Open Div 4 or 5 team is looking for a Goalkeeper

Adrian Coates at acoates2608@gmail.com or info@cochranerangers.com

April 7
 Lads Club D1/D2

Lads Club is looking for committed and skilled players to join our Open Program.  We are looking for competitive players in all positions for our Division 1 and 2 teams.  Lads Club is one of the bigger clubs in CUSA with teams in Open, O35, O45 and O55 programs.  If you are interested in trying out please email Raj Uppal at ladsclubcalgary@gmail.com for further information.

 Raj Uppal at ladsclubcalgary@gmail.com April 6th


Men's O35


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Eldorado Drillers  M3

Eldorado Drillers  is looking for players for the 2022 outdoor season. We are registered in Division 3 Masters (O35). All positions welcome. We have a regular full-time goalkeeper, but backup as second position welcome. 


We are seeking individuals with a good attitude, hard working, committed and willing to enjoy a beer after every game, win, lose or draw weekend or weeknight. If you are interested in playing for Eldorado Drillers this upcoming season, please contact Sujit at sjvarghese@gmail.com with your name and position. Fees are $325 for the season. 


 Sujit at sjvarghese@gmail.com  May 3
United Nova FC Lions Masters 3

United Nova Lions is the new O35 team of United Nova FC. We have a solid core of players and are looking for a couple more bodies to join our group and round out our roster for the upcoming 11v11 outdoor season. 

If interested please contact the team manager Alex and we will get you out for a kick about.



 April 20
FC Calgerona M2

In need of a few players and a goalie.


April 14
 Gunners M3 11v11

Gunners are looking for a few players for our 035 Div 3 11v11 outdoor team.  Looking for players of a good level with decent fitness who enjoy a good game without being too focused on wins and losses. Please reply to Aaron Thompson at aaronleethomps@hotmail.com (or cell at 403-703-2715) with your preferred position and soccer playing experience, locally and elsewhere. 



 April 12
 Liona - Ship $ Anchor  M1/M2

We are looking for a few players for our 035 11v11 outdoor team.  Looking for players of a good level with decent fitness who enjoy a good game and a laugh

 Allan at 4038357324 or allantawse@gmail.com  April 4

 We are looking for a few players for our O35 team in 7X7 OUTDOOR . We are looking goalie and players. If interested, please contact , Alex, at (587) 718-0485  


Alex, at (587) 718-0485  


 Mar 25
Bravo M3

We are a new team that plays 2022 Summer men's O35 DIV3, and we are looking for a couple of players to join us for the season. Preferences given to anyone had previous CUSA experience and would be even better if you could play defense positions."

fuj865@hotmail.com, or text Jeff at (403) 667 - 2138 Mar 24
 Croatia Inter O35  

Calgary Croatia Sports Club Is looking to add experienced soccer players to the roster for the upcoming season. We are looking for players who want to be competitive and have fun at the same time. If you are interested please contact Joe at jcondic@hotmail.com


 jcondic@hotmail.com Mar 24 
 Calgary Celtics M1

:  We are looking for a few more bodies to fill our roster.  Our team is comprised of mostly Irish and African players and we're going to request to play in Div 1 or higher.

 Iain @ 403 880 1319 


 Mar 22
Eldorado Kickers O35A  

We are looking for a few players for our O35 teams in 7X7 and 11X11. We are looking for skilled and fit players for all positions. We would prefer players in 35-40 age group as our core players age has been creeping up but would consider older players if you have good fitness. If interested, please contact team manager, Farshad, at (403) 680-9073 or e-mail: fsepandj@telus.net

Please provide your age, weight, height, level of fitness, position you play, and your previous experiences locally and elsewhere.

Farshad, at (403) 680-9073 or e-mail: fsepandj@telus.net

Mar 11
 Neighbourhoods O35   M2  

Neighbourhoods O35 is looking for talented and reliable players and a goalkeeper for the upcoming outdoor season. 

If you are interested please send an email to neighbourhoodsfc@gmail.com with some info about yourself and your preferred position. 


 neighbourhoodsfc@gmail.com  Mar 2


Men's O45


Team Division Team Information Contact Info Date
 Relics  7v7

Relics O45 7v7 looking for a few players to top up the roster. We are easygoing bunch of guys that enjoy the game and an occasional beer. No practices - just do your best on the field. If you enjoy the game and don’t get stressed out over the scores - give us a call.


Michael at Teesun68@telus.net

 May 24
Hoods O45  

The Hoods O45 team is looking for a few players to fill out our roster for the upcoming 2022 outdoor season.  We will be playing in the O45C division.

Adam at adambhamjee@gmail.com Apr 19

“Villains O45B is looking for a few players that are committed to playing through the outdoor season. We are a great group of players with a reasonable skill level and good Pub etiquette. Please email at:

davinulo@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks!”

davinulo@hotmail.com Mar 17
 Cochrane Rangers O45   Looking for players for the upcoming outdoor season. We are looking for all positions and a goal keeper  

Greg at hftntoday@outlook.com

 Mar 15





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