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These team postings are used as an extra tool to help connect teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. This is not related to the Player Registry and we encourage players and teams to use both resources to better the chances of making connections.

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Any I am a 36 year old and i'm a new comer to Canada. I am passionate and experienced player looking for a team for the Winter Indoor season

587 966 5154

Dec 12
Taylor Boarded looking for a Div 5 team, solid defender and will play keep if need be. Team player, just looking to get more touches and get better Dec 12
Leo Any , i just moved to Calgary and i'm 35 years old but i great condition and im from Brazil. I have been playing soccer all my life and i consider myself a good player. I can play in any position and im eager to have my first experience playing here in Canadian territory (587) 973 5151 Dec 12
Kyle & Nick Any Hello, my name is kyle and I am 22 years old. My friend nick is 21 years old. We are looking for a team so we can play together.We used to play high tier competitive but we are looking to have fun. We both play offence. Please email me

Dec 12

Edgar Any

I am 30 years old. I am originally from Mexico. I lived 3 years in Montreal and I played with the Excalibur FC in premier Indoor and Outdoor seasons. However, I would like to find a friendly team. Last year I got to Calgary, so I am pretty new here. I am looking for a social and friendly team to join and play. If you are intersted please send me an email.

Dec 12

Goran Any Played Prem and Div 1 in Vancouver for years, moved here recently and would love to keep competing. Play defensive centre mid or centre back but can play anywhere indoor Dec 18
Eric Any I'm a keeper looking to get back playing. I'm a old man with many years of Experience from A amateur to a professional Call or text 403 804-5874 Dec 18
Nader Any I'm new to Calgary and I'm looking to join a team 1 604 763 5881 Dec 18
Mick Any

my name is Mick and I am 52 years old looking for a team. I played soccer in the UK at various levels for 30 years. Moved to calgary 6 years ago and now have time to get back in to it. I prefer outdoor soccer but would consider indoor. I usually play in defense but could also play a defensive midfield role if needed. Jan 14
Yannick Any

Have played competitive indoor/outdoor soccer for as long as I can remember. I'm 32 and looking to get back into it after a 1-year sabbatical. Favorite position are winger or striker but I'm flexible, looking for a fun competitive team.


Jan 17
Christian Boarded Over 45 Goal Keeper looking for a team Jan 17
Daniel Any

25 years old and I am from the Netherlands and love to play soccer.

I came last December to Canada and miss it to play soccer. I've played every type of soccer. Like Boarding, 11vs11, 8vs8 and futsal. I'm not sure what level the devisions are so I don't know what mine devision should be. I'm living in North West Calgary and like to play in a good competitive team.

please let me know when you need someone

Jan 25
Matthias Any

I am from Cologne, Germany and work in Calgary since May 2018.

I am looking for a team that plays/trains ideally on Tuesday evenings and the weekends.

4038047251 and Jan 28

2018-19 Indoor Team Postings

If you would like to post an ad for your team or for yourself as a player, email what your want your ad to say to

Men's Open


Hoods FC1 Premier Skilled mostly U23 team with league, tournament and provincial success is looking for committed player's. Mike Babineau at
United Nova FC Div 1 and 3 We are looking for skilled and dedicated players for our Division 1 and Division 3 Indoor teams.
White Eagles Division 2 looking for players to our team. Everyone are welcome! To join us just show up on upcoming practice: Thursday, September 6th. Start at 8pm. Location: Calgary Soccer Centre, 7000 48st SE. Field: Alpha
PASS FC United Division 1

looking for quality players to join our team this indoor. This past outdoor season, our team finished on top of Division 1 and qualified for provincials. The squad will be hungry to replicate/improve upon those results for the indoor season. In addition to the recent success, call up opportunities to the Premier division team may also be available. Seeking skillful players at all positions. Please contact Adam Zimmer via email
PASS FC All Teams PASS FC looking for skillful and committed players in all positions for all our teams for this indoor. We will have teams in Major, Div 1, Div 2, and Div 3 and are looking for players at each level.
Callies Bhoys Division 1 The Callies Bhoys team are looking for some quality and committed players to join an already solid core group of guys for this upcoming indoor season. Our goal for this season is to finish top two in Division 1 and earn promotion into Premier. We typically practice once a week and we will be looking at going to a tournament or two during the indoor season. There also may be some call up opportunities for the Callies team in the Major division. If interested, please contact Derek for more information.

XiFC Men's Open XiFC are a non club team made up of expats from England, Scotland and Ireland as well as some home grown Calgary lads. We have recently lost some players as they move out of Calgary so are looking for 4 outfield players plus a Goalkeeper for the indoor season. We try and practice once a week and often enjoy a post-game bevie! Please contact Rick or Barry for more info and trials

South Boys FC1 8v8 Formerly Division 1 making the switch to the new 8v8 format. We are looking first and foremost for a committed and experienced keeper as well as players. Please email with playing history if interested.
Avalanche FC3 Boarded Avalanche FC 3 is looking for full-time players for all positions including Goalie. We practice monthly against our other club and take the game seriously while still having a great time.
Centurions Div 3 Competitive team looking for committed, skillful players with a positive attitude, to join our core and challenge for top spot. Ideally looking for players that would stay with the team into the coming outdoor season. We're hosting tryouts leading up to the coming indoor season
Claymores FC Div 2 and 5 Claymores FC are have two men's teams, CFC Raiders (Div 2) and CFC Dynamos (Div 5), and are looking to recruit players for the upcoming indoor season. Our Club also has a women's team and a couple of coed teams, making for a good social network with a number of ex-pats and Canadians as players. We are looking for players that are willing to work hard, are experienced, skilled and willing to take responsibility for mistakes and not blame others.

Both teams aim to play a short simple passing game with emphasis and keeping the ball. This is an approach that has severed our teams well with CFC Raiders progressing from Div 6 to Div 2 in 3 years.", 587 583 2222
Eastside Memorial FC Div 1 2 and 3 EMFC is looking for strong and committed players in all positions to top up our teams in Division 1, 2, and 3. If interested, please contact with your contact information and playing history
Calgary Croatia Sports Club Div 1, 2 and 5

The Calgary Croatia Sports Club is seeking players for the upcoming indoor season. We have teams in Div 1, 2, 5, Over 35 (masters C) and Over 45. Please go to to register for practices/tryouts.
Cedars FC Div 2 Cedars FC (Div 2) is looking for COMMITTED and SKILLED players to join for the Indoor 2018/19 season. If you are interested in joining, please contact me
NE United Selects Div 4 We are looking for players in all positions. Our team is composed of guys mostly in their 20s and we will be playing in div 4. We are a fun group of guys with a great team dynamic who are also aiming to get promoted at the end of the season as we did last season. The team will have 2 practices a week and however many scheduled games. If your interested in joining please text Sayyam 4035603432 or email at
CCSC Dynamo Div 4 CCSC Dynamo is seeking players to fill our ranks in all positions. Please test 403-402-7002 for deatils on upcoming practices. There are opportunities for players to play up in Division 2 and 1 for other club teams. Please text for details on upcoming pracites. 403-402-7002
Orinoco 8v8 8v8 Team looking for committed goalie to form part of the team for the long term, starting this 8v8 season. Please contact me at if interested. We are a new team (Just started the last outdoor season) and we moved up to 4th division for next year
Eldorado Kickers B Div 5 looking for players for the 2018-2019 indoor season. We are registered in Division 5 Open Men's. We are looking for several players (5-7) at all positions including goalkeeper. We are seeking seeking individuals with a good attitude, hard working, committed and willing to enjoy a beer after every game, win, lose or draw. If you are interested in playing for Eldorado this upcoming season, please contact Sujit at with your name and position. Fees are $350 for the season.
PRIMO FC Evolution Premier Boarded looking for a few fit and highly talented players in midfield and defence, we have a strong core group of committed players looking to add strength to the team and push the team to the next level, we are holding practices at least once a week, if interested and qualified please contact Adrian or by text or call at 4038608689
Avalanche FC3 Div 5 Looking for players to help bolster our ranks
Airdrie United Div 3 & 4 Seeking specifically a goalie for the balance of the 2018/19 season and Airdrie United has a couple of opening within the club for indoor players committed and seeking a club within CUSA


Men's Over 35


Chile O35 Masters Prem Chile O35 is looking for a full time goalie for the upcoming 2018-2019 Indoor Season. If you are interested, please contact Pablo
Eldorado Kickers O35A Masters Premier

Over 35 team seeking a full time goal keeper and three full time players. Practice starts October. or 403-808-6356

GOALKEEPER NEEDED. We're looking for a GOALKEEPER to join our existing group of experienced players this indoor 2018/19 season. If you would like to join us, we'll work out REDUCED CLUB FEES for you.

We are having a few upcoming indoor tryouts/friendly matches before the season starts. We look forward to adding you to the club! If you are interested in playing, please email Moe, Stu or Dana with your contact info to
CALGARY STORM 035 Masters 1

We are looking to add a few more players to our roaster for the indoor season.

Competitive players in all positions including GK are welcome for our tryouts in October.
FK Beli Orlovi Masters Elite looking for skilled players for upcoming indoor season (forwards and mid required). Dean at 403-607-2113
Calgary Athletic SV Masters Elite New competitive team looking for a couple more new players and a goalie. Core group of guys still want to compete at a higher level but enjoy a beer after the game. Team is Over 35 with most boys just turned 35
Super Eagles 8v8 looking for competitive, fit and skilled players to play in a 8 v 8 Elite league. This is on Turf. Contact if you can play at an elite level
Calgary Croatia Sports Club Over 35 and 45 The Calgary Croatia Sports Club is seeking players for the upcoming indoor season. We have teams in Div 1, 2, 5, Over 35 (masters C) and Over 45. Please go to to register for practices/tryouts.
White Eagles O35 8v8 looking for a goalie to join our team. We are playing in 8v8 league this year.Please email Michael :
Men's Over 45


TBD (new team) Over 45 New 045 Men's team looking for a goalkeeper and a few committed players to round out the roster for the upcoming indoor season. We are a good group of guys that like to play competitive but also enjoy a drink after the game

403-475-7875 or 403-612-6048 or email at